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Minnan.com reported on January 23 that in a hurry, I forgot to unplug the heater when I went out, and a fire ignited the newly decorated house. The direct loss reached 150000 yuan, which made the homeowner Ms. Huang very depressed

at about 5 p.m. the day before yesterday, a duplex apartment in a community next to West Lake Park in Quanzhou city caught fire. When Fengze fire arrived at the scene, it was seen that the burning apartment was located on the 5th floor, and smoke billowed outside the window of a room. After the emergency demolition of the door, the firefighters wore air respirators and rushed into the house with water guns. After an hour of fighting, the fire was brought under control

Ms. Huang said that she had been out for less than an hour and was using the heater before going out. Because she was in a hurry, the power supply was not unplugged when she went out. Ms. Huang said that the house had just been decorated, and it cost 150000 yuan to decorate. At present, the cause of the fire and specific losses still need to be further investigated by Fengze fire department

police officer Beifeng suozhuang reminded: in cold winter, many people use all kinds of heaters at home and remember to unplug the power when going out. (Haidu reporter Dong Jianjian, correspondent Li Xiaoping, Chen Youping)

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