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Warmly celebrate that Hebei Xinxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, completed the production task of 28500 cubic meters of a single production line of door panel base materials in October, with the rate of excellent products above 99.6%, breaking the single line production record of door panel base materials in northern China

at the beginning of October, through the negotiation of leaders at all levels and production teams, the production target of 28000 cubic meters was set. The completion of this task can not be just an empty talk. Employees in all sections overcome many difficulties, coordinate and drive each post to ensure the normal operation of equipment and the stability of process, breaking through the highest startup rate in the history of Xinxin wood industry, and finally overfulfilled this arduous task at the end of October

what is the concept of single line production capacity of 28500 cubic meters per month

"28500 cubic meters" may seem cold without temperature, but if it is all used to process door panels, 2115000 sets of wooden doors can be produced in a month, which can meet the monthly sales of more than 400 small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises

the output of 28500 cubic meters in October is not accidental, but inevitable

Xinxin wood industry has been developing with advanced technology and strict quality control of "two wheel drive". While improving the speed, the production process of this production line is very advanced. Coupled with the world's top production equipment and leading core technology, the title of "the largest single line production line in the north of the Yangtze River" is self-evident

of course, the significant improvement of production capacity is inseparable from the fine management within the enterprise carried out by the employees of all departments who actively innovate and try to continuously improve and expand the production width and depth. On the premise of the overall optimization of the system, the practical inspection and technical achievements are comprehensively applied in the system to ensure that the production site is always in an orderly state

28500 cubic meters, each board is the crystallization of labor under strict quality control management

as the saying goes: "a single thread does not form a line, a single tree does not form a forest." In addition to the improvement of production efficiency, the work of strict control and management of plate quality is also being optimized and upgraded synchronously

track and control the quality indicators of the whole process of raw materials, production and processing, post-processing of products, detection of finished products, warehousing and after-sales of finished products, and conduct periodic and irregular inspection, recording and assessment of product quality and services, so as to ensure the standardization of operation, promote them to continuously improve product quality and service quality, and provide guarantee for customers' consumption

there are no tasks that cannot be completed, only the extraordinary Xinxin people

at the moment when the production task in October was set, there was no complaint in Xinxin team. Some of them just went forward with their feet on the ground. Their spirit of not afraid of hardship and fatigue is the bright star of Xinxin group's corporate culture, providing light source and supply power for the thorny road ahead! Continue to refuel, I believe we will create the next miracle




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