The method of selecting high-quality ceramic tiles

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The use of ceramic tiles in modern home is more and more, but how to ensure that your ceramic tiles meet your requirements? There are many kinds of ceramic tiles, and there are also many national mandatory requirements and regulations

ceramic tiles are more and more useful in modern home, but how to ensure that your tiles meet your requirements

there are many kinds of ceramic tiles, and there are also many national mandatory requirements and regulations. However, since ceramic tiles that comply with national regulations are not necessarily the tiles you need, here are a few common sense for you. It is a little show off that I have done architecture for ten years

the first point: the density is better. Look at the density. Look at the cross-section. The cross-section is fine. Second, listen to the sound of ceramic tiles, which is also a kind of porcelain, so the sound like a song is the performance of good ceramic tiles

second point: color. Good tiles have no color difference on the same batch number, so the effect of paving will be better

third point: specifications, ceramic tiles have specifications, which is called modulus in architecture. But the philosopher said that there is nothing exactly the same in the world, and this sentence can also be used on ceramic tiles. The error of each piece of good ceramic tile is less than or equal to 1mm, so that the size of the paved brick joint can be uniform

fourth point: water absorption, water absorption is good, but the water content is less

the first and second points can be judged by observation, and the third and fourth points can be understood by asking the dealer for the manufacturer's national test report

note: the national inspection report is inspected once a year, and the previous year's cannot be used





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