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Internet + is not omnipotent. As a way, it can only provide brand reputation for many entrepreneurs and increase imports for users. What they really need to do is to use the mobile Internet to transform their own industrial chain and reconstruct the connection with consumers, so as to enhance the power of the company in a real sense, constitute consumption promotion and create perfect user experience

the leading operation form of aluminum door and window shopping malls from goods to services

although many aluminum door and window brands, whether large, medium and small companies, have joined the beautiful blueprint of mobile Internet planning, fearing that if they fall behind, they will be screened by shopping malls, but there is no competition for homogeneous products. Many aluminum door and window industries do not decline due to lack of competitiveness in the end, That is to say, most companies have not tasted the benefits in the Internet era, but ended up disheartened by being combined in the face of big channels that have no power to resist

only products and services that are distracted can establish the fan gene

today, when the popularity of mobile Internet is fast, competing for traffic and user imports, brand communication depends on word-of-mouth. A product has a good reputation. In addition to the hard quality of the product, other humanized products are obviously more distracted, which can move users, retain users, and finally establish fan genes to form loyal fans

in general, many homogeneous aluminum doors and windows in shopping malls will be screened. And the products and services that can arouse the mood of consumers and dance with them must be able to laugh to the end. Similarly, only such a company can be recognized and accepted by consumers and become bigger and stronger





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