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152 handicrafts rotate at a speed of 50r/min 132 hearts on the afternoon of March 7, the drizzle was accompanied by a cold wind, while the sports supply chain of Lianyungang still needs to be improved, but the hall was warm. The charity sale of "genuine help and love dedication" handmade works exhibition of female employees of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was exhibited here. A total of 152 exquisite handicrafts such as embroidery, calligraphy and painting made by female employees of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. were exhibited

"Wow, several abandoned mineral water bottles can be packaged with old clothes. It's so creative to make such a beautiful bench! I didn't expect that these works were created by our female colleagues in Lianyungang." Mr. Huang, who came to the bazaar, was amazed when he saw all the handicrafts in the exhibition hall

according to Li Hong, the staff member of the charity sale, in the past, everyone spent money to go outside for fun, but this year we want to make the "March 8" festival meaningful. Therefore, at the end of last year, the women workers' Committee issued a notice on the activities of making handicrafts. It raised money for the women workers who needed help due to illness through charity sales to alleviate their family difficulties. Unexpectedly, hundreds of works were received as soon as the notice was issued. Through screening, 152 works were selected for charity sale. These works were made by retired and on-the-job female workers who made foaming difficult in their spare time, and some of them won awards nationwide

at this time, a crystal round diamond painting of galloping horses attracted everyone's attention. The staff at one side told us that the painting was ordered as soon as it was hung. The staff pointed to a woman nearby and said, "she is the author. Our female worker director Tong of Lianyuan Steel rod and strip factory" our components made of materials are not only used for decoration. " Tonghuansheng's work took 5 months to finish. The crystal diamond needs to be set one by one to be beautiful and symmetrical. Her mother didn't understand when she heard that she was going to donate the diamond painting. Tonghuansheng said: "it is also a human favor to give to others at ordinary times. Now donating is not only a donation of one's own love, but also a joy for those who come to buy handicrafts. It is more meaningful than just donating money."

in the morning, I visited the exhibition with my colleagues. At that time, Ms. Xiao ordered more than 300 yuan of handicrafts. In the afternoon, she wanted to see if there was anything suitable for her...

in less than a day, many handicrafts at the exhibition site have been ordered out. The cross stitch, bead string weaving, painting and calligraphy, clothing and other works carefully created by 132 women workers were all donated, and a total of more than 30000 yuan of love funds were raised

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