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152 meters! Wind power hoisting breaks a new record! Zoomlion zcc9800w crane creates a new height

152 meters! Wind power hoisting breaks a new record! Zoomlion zcc9800w crane creates a new height

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recently, Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane successfully hoisted the first v.2 MW wind turbine with a hub height of 152 meters in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, creating another new height and record in China's wind power industry

▲ Zoomlion zcc9800w crane Yangzhou construction set a new record for 152 meter hoisting

the installed capacity of Jiangsu Yangzhou wind farm project is 100 MW, and 46 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 2.2 MW are designed and installed. The hub center height of the fan unit is 152 meters, which is the highest steel flexible fan tower installed in batch in China. Compared with the common 120 meter tower height in the industry, the annual power generation capacity of wind turbines with 152 meter tower in Jiangsu Yangzhou wind farm can be increased by about 16%, significantly improving the wind energy utilization rate and project income

the higher the tower height, the more difficult the hoisting construction will be. The unit adopts new R & D technology, the hoisting process is complex and cumbersome, and the unit is super high, super large and overweight. In addition, the project is located in farmland, riverway and lotus pond area, and the transportation road and operation environment are also complex. The superposition of this series of factors tests the performance and quality of the product and increases the difficulty of hoisting construction

"from the aspects of transportation, mobilization and assembly, the advantages of zcc9800w crawler crane appear." The person in charge of the project construction party said

it is understood that zcc9800w crawler crane applies the separation technology of loading and unloading, single "This research is likely to make graphene a more practical functional material. The maximum transportation weight of graphene is 40 tons, meeting the requirements of road transportation. At the same time, the product adopts lightweight and modular design, with full mechanized disassembly and assembly. The assembly under the longest wind power condition can be completed within 24 hours, and the transportation and disassembly are convenient and efficient.

▲ Zoomlion zcc9800w crane is assembling the fan hub

zcc9800w crawler crane enters the construction site After the construction site, the service personnel of Zoomlion and the construction company immediately assembled, connected and lifted the product. According to the hoisting requirements of the project, zcc9800w crawler crane adopts 159M reinforced super lift main boom +7m wind power pole head working condition, with a rated load of 110 tons and a maximum lifting height of 165.2 meters. Zcc9800w crawler crane lifted the tower slowly from the transport vehicle, then erected the tower, and successfully completed the hoisting and installation of the tower. Then the hub and fan blade were installed... The hoisting of the whole wind turbine was completed in an orderly manner

the person in charge of the project construction party praised: "during the whole hoisting process of the wind turbine generator unit, all links are progressing smoothly and the process is smooth. The zcc9800w crawler crane has strong performance. 4. It adheres to the advanced, adheres to the right path, takes the right things into account, operates stably and efficiently, and the service personnel are also responsible, meticulous and thoughtful."

▲ Zoomlion zcc9800w crane successfully completed the whole fan assembly work

it is understood that the zcc9800w crawler crane is a 4.0 product created by Zoomlion with advanced technologies such as information interconnection, intelligent control, structural optimization, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, etc. It adopts the first multi variable diameter combined boom frame in China, with a maximum length of 178 meters and a maximum lifting height of 180 meters. It breaks the industry record for ultra long boom combination, meeting the requirements of 2.0~2.5 MW at 160 meters high. 5. Press the test button, hammer the sample, and write down the impact of energy on the hoisting of the fan and 140 m high 3 MW fan after the pendulum stops swinging. Its unique wind power jib can be disassembled and assembled efficiently, and no super lift counterweight is required for hoisting operation, double winch operation and other functions, making the hoisting operation more efficient. In addition, it is also equipped with an intelligent management and control service system, which can realize remote monitoring of working status, remote fault diagnosis, abnormal alarm and prompt, and has the functions of automatic prompt for maintenance, effectively improving the equipment management level

zcc9800w crawler crane is favored by the majority of users due to its outstanding lifting capacity, superior control performance, efficient and convenient disassembly and transportation, and intelligence. Since the product was launched in November 2018, it has effectively assisted the installation of wind turbines in Shandong Yantai wind farm, Zhejiang Gaoyou wind farm, Hebei Nangong wind farm and other places, and can be called a new generation of wind power hoisting "artifact"

"Wind energy is a renewable and clean energy. The efficient use of wind energy depends on the innovation of tower technology and the improvement of construction technology in this field. At the same time, it also needs construction equipment to match it. As a leading equipment manufacturer in the world, Zoomlion will be committed to product research and development. With its' son of the wind 'qay2000 all terrain crane, zcc8800w, zcc9800w crawler crane and other high-quality products, Zoomlion will join hands with all parties to build a beautiful China and create a better life", The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said

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