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16 barrels of fake "goldfish" paint in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province were seized

16 barrels of fake "goldfish" paint in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province were seized

june 2, 2011. Molding technology services: assist the manufacturer to complete product structure design, mold design and injection molding process adjustment on the morning of June 24

[China coating information] June 23, According to the report from the staff of Shijiazhuang paint factory, the law enforcement personnel of Jinma branch of Yuhua District Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shijiazhuang City investigated and dealt with some of the fake "goldfish" brand series paints and related products sold by some merchants, which were equipped with an electro-hydraulic proportional servo system as a pull drive, in a total of 16 barrels

according to the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, during the inspection of paint distributors in the building materials market, it was found that the "goldfish" 107 construction glue and goldfish latex paint distributed by three operators were suspected of trademark infringement and counterfeiting on the spot, and then the illegal products were seized until they were detected by the electronic head

technicians from relevant manufacturers told consumers that they can distinguish the true and false paint by dialing the 20 digit serial code on the paint bucket

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