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Zhanjiang iron and steel: 116 environmental protection technologies to build a green steel dream factory

Abstract: the production of Zhanjiang iron and steel has driven the development of machinery, construction, steel structure, building materials and other industries in Zhanjiang and even western Guangdong, and also driven the supporting industrial chain, including circular economy, equipment maintenance, energy power and chemical industry, steel warehousing and logistics, construction, deep processing of steel products, development of auxiliary materials and mines The increase of income and industrial investment in living facilities, environmental protection and other industries has promoted the development of Zhanjiang

no one in Zhanjiang knows the name "Zhanjiang iron and steel". However, when asked what Zhanjiang iron and steel looks like, not everyone can tell. On March 22, our report team entered Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. on the East Island, and a garden style iron and steel factory rose from the ground, breaking people's traditional impression of the iron and steel factory. Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has invested more than 6.5 billion yuan to build an internationally leading iron and steel base on the east island with the highest energy efficiency, the least emissions, the best environment, and the harmony between society and enterprises, relying on 116 advanced environmental protection technologies

green steel city rises to create the most efficient carbon steel production base

on that day, the interview car drove along the broad avenue of Zhanjiang steel base, neat plants and office buildings were distributed in a orderly manner, yellow flower Suzuki, qianliu and other landscape flowers and trees were blooming along the way, and the lawn was like grass, making people feel like walking through a quiet park

entering the hot rolling workshop, it is another scene of great enthusiasm. The steaming production has created considerable economic and social benefits. The production line has realized continuous optimization of variety structure and full automation. One hot billet after another is pushed out of the heating furnace and passes through the 1km long production line to become a coil of neat and uniform steel. The efficient environmental protection process of "quenching into steel" amazed the report team

"this is only a small section, and the whole hot rolling production line is fully automated." Menglingjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Baosteel Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., said that in the process of project approval, construction and production, Zhanjiang iron and steel has eliminated backward production capacity, optimized product structure, increased effective supply, adopted advanced technology and innovated management mode, which is a vivid practice of actively implementing the country's deepening supply side structural reform and implementing innovation driven strategy

as early as 1978, China's steel layout and site selection had been investigated in Zhanjiang. Guangdong is a big province in automobile and household appliance manufacturing, and also a big province in steel consumption. However, almost 60% of the steel is transported from north to south to meet the demand. For many years, Guangdong has been the largest steel import Province in China. Zhanjiang has a unique deep-water port, which is free from freezing all year round. It is the port city with the shortest voyage from mainland China to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. Therefore, the construction of high-quality carbon steel production base in Zhanjiang can not only fill the demand for high-end products in the region, but also meet the demand for medium and high-end steel products in the emerging economies of the "the Belt and Road"

on may24,2012, Zhanjiang iron and steel project was approved by the national development and Reform Commission. On may17,2013, the construction of main works such as No. 1 blast furnace began in succession. On september25,2015, the No. 1 blast furnace was ignited. By August 2017, all the projects under construction were completed, and the qualification rate of the main control project points of project quality was 100%

2017 is the first year of production and operation of Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., achieving the "four goals" of reaching production, reaching standards, achieving efficiency and reaching consumption, and creating the fastest record for large-scale domestic steel mills from production to annual four goals. In January, 2018, the output of iron, steel and rolling lines of Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., whose sensor output signals are often weak, exceeded the plan, the delivery volume of automobile plates reached a new high in a single month, various production and operation indicators improved steadily, and the new year started well

Meng Lingjun told us that at the beginning of design, Zhanjiang iron and steel was clearly positioned as "the world's most efficient green carbon steel production base". Adhering to the principle of "simplicity, high efficiency and low cost", and adhering to the concept of circular economy and energy-saving society, Zhanjiang iron and steel is committed to becoming a modern, ecological and high-efficiency high-quality iron and steel base, developing in coordination with Baosteel Shanghai Baoshan base, Nanjing Meishan base and Wuhan Qingshan base

on March 22, Chen Tong, deputy general manager of Zhanjiang and general manager of Zhanjiang evening news, led the reporting team to Zhanjiang iron and steel base to interview and understand the development of high-quality production in the base. Zhang Fengfeng photographed 116 environmental protection technologies to create a green dream factory. He created the highest level of circular economy, the highest level of technology and technology, and the highest level of quality and efficiency in China. He saw that the blue sky and white clouds remained above Zhanjiang iron and steel base

in the distance, numerous blast furnaces and factories, together with the blue sea and high blue sky, paint a magnificent industrial picture; Nearby, the artificial wetland is full of spring. Although the factory boundary lake is small, it has complete scenery, making the tough blast furnace more soft

it is reported that Zhanjiang iron and steel insists on "green" thinking throughout the whole process of design, construction, production and recycling. The whole project has adopted about 116 mature and reliable energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, with an investment of more than 6.5 billion yuan, and is committed to building a green dream factory with "the least global emissions, the highest resource utilization efficiency, and the circular sharing of enterprise and social resources"

since the environmental protection facilities were put into operation, they have fully "explained" the progressiveness of the process technology: the actual performance of various emission indicators is better than the environmental assessment standard, and the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste and the utilization rate of secondary resources are at the leading level in the industry. It is understood that Zhanjiang iron and steel is the first modern iron and steel enterprise in China to implement the design and construction of special emission standards for air pollutants

"Zhanjiang's air quality ranks among the top in the country. Zhanjiang iron and steel plant has set up several air quality monitoring points. The monitoring values are linked with Zhanjiang Environmental Protection Bureau and subject to public supervision." Menglingjun told that the monitoring data showed that the air quality in the plant area was good

Zhanjiang iron and steel welcomes the attention and supervision of the general public with an open attitude. Zhanjiang government agencies, universities and social organizations have successively organized groups to visit Zhanjiang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to understand its environmental protection status. At present, nearly 2000 people have visited the Zhanjiang iron and steel plant. The automation management, air quality and greening level of Zhanjiang iron and steel have been recognized by the visiting citizens

driving the development of industrial employment and logistics has increasingly highlighted the economic pull of Zhanjiang.

the rise of a green steel city has changed the face of the East Island. With the completion and operation of the project, the construction of supporting industrial parks is in full swing, the upstream and downstream industrial chains are gradually improved, and the pulling effect of Zhanjiang steel on Zhanjiang's economy is increasingly prominent

"the driving effect of Zhanjiang iron and steel on the local is not only reflected in the iron and steel industry and its supporting industries, but also promotes the development of local employment, logistics, real estate and the tertiary industry." Meng Lingjun said, for example, Zhanjiang iron and steel provides jobs for local citizens in Zhanjiang. At present, the whole plant has about 5000 employees, of which 44.8% are Zhanjiang nationals. Employees' purchasing houses locally promotes the development of the real estate industry, and employees' living and consumption in Zhanjiang promotes the development of the tertiary industry in Zhanjiang. In addition, the number of flights from Zhanjiang to Shanghai has increased, making it convenient for Zhanjiang people to travel and driving business and tourism to Zhanjiang

zhaofangcheng, a Guangxi employee of Zhanjiang iron and steel, told me that he bought a house in Potou in 2015, and many employees, like him, bought houses in Zhanjiang. "In addition to buying a house, the consumption power of Baosteel employees in Zhanjiang urban area can not be underestimated. For example, I like watching movies and have basically passed the cinemas in Zhanjiang urban area." Zhaofangcheng said

according to statistics, last year, Zhanjiang iron and steel completed a steel output of 8.47 million tons. The products were sold to domestic mainstream automobile and home appliance manufacturers and exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, directly driving the increase of railway logistics and port throughput

the production of Zhanjiang iron and steel has driven the development of machinery, construction, steel structure, building materials and other industries in Zhanjiang and even western Guangdong. It has also driven the increase of industrial income and investment in supporting industrial chains, including circular economy, equipment maintenance, energy power and chemical industry, steel warehousing and logistics, building construction, special form template preparation software for steel products, auxiliary material and mineral development, life supporting and environmental protection, Promoted the development of Zhanjiang

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Zhanjiang City said that Zhanjiang iron and steel has gradually become a business card and window of Zhanjiang. Zhanjiang iron and steel is an important lever to leverage the development of Zhanjiang. Zhanjiang will spare no effort to do a good job in guarantee and service, and provide escort for the excellence, strength and expansion of Zhanjiang iron and steel

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