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On September 1, the Fourth Asia Europe Expo opened in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xinjiang. In this exhibition, Sany Heavy Industry, the global leading brand of construction machinery, will take "Silk Road dream, wonderful Sany" as the theme, bring 12 new products such as customized LNG mixers produced by SANY northwest heavy industry to the exhibition, and present a construction machinery feast to the attendees with Lean products and newly upgraded equipment performance

12 sets of Sany products appeared in the exhibition area of the Asia Europe Expo

12 sets of Sany products appeared in the exhibition layout of the Asia Europe Expo

brand new equipment appeared in the exhibition, and the equipment performance was upgraded. It was learned at the press conference that the Sany booth is located in the east of the exhibition entrance, and the neat rows of Sany equipment can be seen as soon as you enter the door. According to the person in charge of Sany brand construction department, the booth area this year is 2266 square meters, with the theme of "Silk Road dream, wonderful Sany". In this exhibition, a total of 12 new equipment including natural gas mixer, truck crane, excavator, rotary drilling rig, miner and front crane were exhibited

lng product is a truly clean "green" energy, which is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also saves at least 1.1 yuan per kilometer compared with diesel mixer of the same power, and has better power and safety than CNG equipment. Xinjiang's natural gas resources account for more than 20% of the total national natural gas resources. Relying on Xinjiang's unique geographical advantages, Sany northwest has strengthened the production of natural gas equipment on the basis of the existing production lines according to the market demand of Xinjiang. It is worth mentioning that the LNG mixer has the only gas engine that has passed the "three highs" test in China. It is also able to face the high temperature of the Flame Mountain in Turpan, the cold of Mohe in Heilongjiang and the plateau environment of Kunlun mountain. Meanwhile, Sany northwest has begun to negotiate with energy enterprises to facilitate gas filling for customers and carry out further cooperation on joint venture station construction

the ace products of Sany excavator also appeared in the exhibition. Sy75c-9 excavator has been the champion of excavator sales of the same tonnage for three consecutive years, with a market share of 25%. It is reported that the European standard environment-friendly engine of this excavator has a new controller to accurately control the fuel injection in real time, which makes the fuel burn more fully, and reduces the fuel consumption by 10% compared with the previous generation model under the condition of equal efficiency. The original domcs dynamic optimization intelligent matching control system and the new hydraulic system make full use of the output power of the engine, making the action faster and the work more lasting

in addition to products, the establishment of Sany booth is also a great attraction to win new customers in the market. This year, Sany has brought a new and upgraded equipment performance, which continues to lead the trend of equipment performance

Sany is developing rapidly in the northwest and has huge market potential in Central Asia.

2011, Sany settled in Xinjiang with the dream of "creating another Sany". Sany's development can be described as a step every year, with rapid development. In June, 2014, Sany northwest heavy industry contributed such a set of data

in June, Sany northwest achieved sales of more than 60 million yuan, exceeding the total sales in 2013, and the monthly per capita labor productivity reached 85% of the annual labor productivity of last year. The successive offline of local products and the full development of the Central Asian market are the "Heroes" behind this set of data

the successive offline of localized products has greatly reduced the transportation cost. Taking the 1/10000 gram mixing plant commonly used in hzs1801 as an example, compared with Changsha to Xinjiang, the freight can be saved by 150000 yuan, and the installation time can be shortened by more than 15 days, significantly improving the market competitiveness of the products

recently, lijianhua, chairman of Sany northwest heavy industry, reviewed and approved the plan of Northwest heavy industry for the next three years: from 2014 to 2016, Sany northwest heavy industry will add new products such as hydraulic support, yard bridge, tower crane, coal chemical equipment, etc. that are suitable for Xinjiang and Central Asia markets on the basis of the existing product line, and the operating revenue will gradually increase; Adhering to the positioning of "based on Xinjiang, facing the five northwestern provinces and radiating Central Asia and other countries", Sany northwest heavy industry will give full play to the regional, geographical and cultural advantages of the Northwest Industrial Park, become the main force and pacesetter in jointly building the "Silk Road Economic Belt", and create a new growth pole for Sany in Northwest and Central Asia

in this exhibition, Sany northwest heavy industry will mainly invite international customers in Central Asia to expand the popularity of Sany products and let more customers in Central Asia know Sany brand and sany products

industrial assistance to Xinjiang, promoting the sustainable economic development of Xinjiang

the western development strategy and the blueprint of "building the Silk Road Economic Belt" have brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of Xinjiang. In the new round of assistance to Xinjiang, a number of large enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry have settled in, which has promoted the sustainable development of Xinjiang's economy

previously, in the construction machinery market, Xinjiang only played the role of a logistics transit base. There is a lack of high-end engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises here, and most of the exported machinery products are produced in the mainland, only providing a transit platform for commodity logistics in Central Asia and the mainland

2011, with the dream of "creating another Sany", Sany settled in Xinjiang. "Sany Northwest Industrial Park will establish a high-quality production line representing the level of" three closely linked themes for creation and one industrial manufacturing ", covering the Xinjiang market, and build the largest mechanical equipment manufacturing base in Northwest China in five years." Lijianhua, chairman of Sany northwest Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., said that it will also form an overall layout facing the northwest and radiating Central Asia. Nur Baikeli, chairman of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, believes that the settlement of Sany is of great significance to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with Xinjiang characteristics

in the past four years, in Sany northwest heavy industry park, a batch of large-scale machinery and equipment with advanced technology have realized the localized production in Xinjiang, and a set of Sany brand pump trucks, truck cranes, excavators and other products have been successively rolled off the production line from the Northwest Industrial Park, and widely serve the new round of infrastructure construction in Xinjiang. It is worth mentioning that the operating income of high-tech products in the northwest of Sany accounts for 96% of the total annual operating income, which has effectively driven the development of relevant local supporting industries. In 2013, Sany northwest has completed the construction of mixer truck production line, mixing plant production line, excavator assembly line, hoisting unit installation line and boutique tour line. Lijianhua proudly said, "we are particularly pleased that Sany Northwest can make profits after one year of operation."

looking at the busy workers and clean and magnificent factories in Sany Northwest Industrial Park, it is hard to imagine the desolation here before. The arrival of Sany has not only brought the project into operation, but also provided intellectual support for Xinjiang, actively participated in people's livelihood projects, and shouldered the social responsibility of assisting enterprises in Xinjiang. Now, Sany can be seen in many livelihood projects in Xinjiang. In 2013, the flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Xinjiang Autonomous Region needed excavators for water conservancy projects, and sany products with geographical advantages of engineering machinery became the first choice. Finally, 40 Sany excavators participated in the project to escort the flood control and drought relief in Xinjiang

in June this year, LianBo made a special report on the relevant situation of Sany industry's assistance to Xinjiang in the special report of "Xinjiang's new leap • industrial assistance to Xinjiang". Now, as a benchmarking equipment manufacturing enterprise in Xinjiang, the northwest of Sany has also become a scenic spot for industrial tourism. Many teams come to visit and investigate every day, which is worthy of the praise of "a model for assisting Xinjiang"

ailigeng yimingbahai, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, also affirmed the development of Sany in Xinjiang during his inspection. They have high hopes for the development of Sany in Xinjiang. "It is hoped that Sany will accelerate its development in Xinjiang, actively play a leading role and promote the development of local economy"


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