The hottest 15kw indoor silent gasoline generator

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15kw indoor silent gasoline generator

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15kw indoor silent gasoline generator

it adopts the world-famous danizawa brand generator in Japan and the second generation active voltage dispatcher (AVR2) designed by danizawa power company 。 It has a more firm and stable design. More stable voltage - the latest damping winding technology is adopted. The damping winding and inclined plane are added to the rotor to correct the magnetic field distortion and increase the generation of more valuable clutter for customers. More widely used - good waveform makes it more suitable for compact electronic instruments, computers, lamps, UPS, led, etc. with high waveform requirements

Japanese danizawa gasoline generator is manufactured with new first-class technology. It has made a series of comprehensive plans from material selection, production and processing, packaging, after-sales services, etc., and insists on focusing on quality and taking service as the center, Decisively do not use the falling cost as an excuse to concentrate on increasing the cost of machinery, resulting in the decline of machinery quality. Our company implements the quality goal of one-year warranty and charge protection to prove that we protect and control the quality of our machinery, so that every new and old customers can buy it at ease, and the precision required by flexible packaging can be achieved by adopting 1-way lead screw and trapezoidal lead screw

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