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Preparation, curing and application of filler type neoprene adhesive

preparation and curing of filler type neoprene adhesive: first weigh the general-purpose neoprene, magnesium oxide, calcium sulfate and antioxidant Ding according to the dosage in the formula, mix them below 40 ℃, and then add zinc oxide to mix them to get the rubber. Then cut the rubber into pieces and dissolve it in gasoline or ethyl acetate. When in use, glue it for 2 ~ 3 times with the slight rise in the steel market in early August, and dry it for about 30min each time. After lapping, hammer it and cure it at room temperature

application of filler type neoprene adhesive: this adhesive is mainly used for bonding leather, wood, fabric, rubber, polyethylene and other materials

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