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"Prepare first" to deal with the "post crisis" Shantui adjustment layout

"prepare first" to deal with the "post crisis" Shantui adjustment layout

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Guide: Although the impact of the international financial crisis still exists, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was booming in the first quarter. On January 26, yamatui launched a 55.6% investment, and yamatui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Japan Riko Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Zhongnan Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

although the impact of the international financial crisis still exists, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was booming in the first quarter

on January 26, with 55.6% of the capital invested by Shantui, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Japan Riko Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Zhongnan Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., held a contract signing ceremony in Wuhan. Shantui began to get involved in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of concrete related equipment

on February 8, the track chassis of Shantui atlascopcobg project was offline. The trial production of the crawler chassis marks that Shantui will no longer supply external parts of crawlers and wheel trains, and its crawler products will be upgraded from parts to assemblies

on the same day, the 2000th sr20m roller of Shantui was successfully rolled off the production line. In September, 2003, Shantui began to produce sr20m roller. It took five years for this product to be used from the first offline to the 1000th, and it took only one and a half years from the 1001st to the current 2000th

on February 9, Shantui sd16 (Euro III) and sd10ye bulldozers obtained the certification certificate of Italian European certification organization Co., Ltd. (ECO), which opened the door for the company's products to enter the European Union and North America

on February 20, all the equipment of the track shoe production line of the track factory of Shantui track chassis division was installed, and the track production was automated

on March 11, Shantui's 1000th forklift drove off the assembly line, and the monthly production of forklifts was increased to the current 100; The product line has also been expanded to 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons and other series

when the "post crisis" period is coming, Shantui shows a series of new weather, which is closely related to its early preparation

preparation 1: adjust the layout

adjusting the layout is a major event completed by Shantui in 2009

first of all, several positive signals have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, namely, the successful relocation of bulldozer factories, the formation of Shantui international business park with bulldozers and parts as the main line, then Shantui heavy industry business park with road machinery, forklifts and other strategic products as the main line, and finally Hubei Wuhan Industrial Park with concrete machinery as the main line

"relocation is not only a simple location adjustment, but also an upgrade of capability." Zhang Xiuwen, chairman of Shantui, said, "Taking the bulldozer project as an example, we have improved the infrastructure of large-scale combined workshops such as welding and coating, large-scale processing, heat treatment, gear processing, assembly and servicing, expanded the switching station by 20000 KVA, increased the applicable high-efficiency CNC and flexible large-scale processing center, and introduced the internationally advanced 3500 ton hot die forging production line and 2500 ton electric screw press production line. These changes have made Shantui 80~520 HP bulldozer series produce The product production capacity reached 6000 sets, and the track assembly reached 33500 sets. "

the adjustment enables a series of related work to be carried out smoothly. The Shantui technology research and development center located in the international business park was immediately put into use. After that, the electrical intelligence laboratory and hydraulic laboratory were successfully completed, and the Shantui postdoctoral workstation also welcomed the first postdoctoral

in 2009, Shantui developed 31 new products, such as the largest power bulldozer SD, the replacement of sd32 bulldozer, ser22 rotary drilling rig, 26 ton full hydraulic roller, 10 ton forklift, etc. at the same time, it has fully entered the concrete machinery, excavator, forklift, rotary drilling rig and other industries. The host share of the domestic market of the company hit another record high; The sales of road machinery exceeded 1000 units, achieving a historic leap; The sales of new products such as concrete machinery, forklifts and excavators have made a good start; The sales of accessories reached the best level in history

preparation 2: plan the market

carbon fiber thread is wrapped around the reel of the manipulator

the establishment of Shandong heavy industry group has changed the ownership of Shantui, and Shantui has become a member of Shantui. This change is seen more as an opportunity

"at present, Shandong heavy industry group has established: a globally leading equipment manufacturing group with core technology and sustainable development, which has become an important pole of the world's equipment manufacturing industry and the grand strategic goal of entering the world's top 500. This will undoubtedly drive and promote the development of Shantui." Zhang Xiuwen said

according to the company's deployment, Shantui takes different main attack directions in domestic and international markets. The domestic market will continue to consolidate and improve the market share of bulldozers and road machinery, and vigorously build a marketing network for new products such as concrete machinery and forklifts; In the international market, we will speed up the strategic layout of overseas businesses, increase investment in marketing network construction, and gradually build overseas subsidiaries, striving to achieve breakthroughs in the European and American markets

Zhang Xiuwen said that increasing the promotion and promotion of Shantui brand and the maintenance of key customers are one of the key points of Shantui's domestic market development. Strengthening after-sales service, improving after-sales service system and increasing the density of market service personnel have been taken as the focus in the future. In the international market, Beijing Branch is used as a platform to implement the market diversification strategy, stabilize the traditional market, vigorously explore emerging markets, gradually explore the overseas development mode of Shantui franchise on the basis of increasing the layout of overseas marketing market, and try to establish assembly plants in overseas markets, establish a rapid response mechanism for overseas services, strengthen the reserve of overseas service parts, and set up a service parts reserve center

prepare early and take the initiative early. In November, 2009, Shantui exclusively won the purchase order for all bulldozers of the plastic railway project in northern Venezuela, which saved 1million tons due to packaging weight reduction, and sold 43 sets at a time

preparation 3: focus on the main line

cost and quality have always been the two main lines of Shantui's production and operation

"since 2010, great changes have taken place in the economic situation, and the characteristics of the 'post crisis era' are emerging. Changes in materials and other costs are likely to become important factors affecting the benefits of the construction machinery industry. Therefore, we have increased our control in this regard in advance." Zhang Xiuwen said

in terms of cost control, Shantui has improved the organization and control system, determined the target system, and established a procurement department at the company level to control the procurement work of the whole company according to the idea of "standardized and unified management of the company and specific implementation of business units". According to Shantui's centralized procurement system, suppliers should first conduct centralized evaluation on supporting and cooperating units according to the supplier management evaluation system and evaluation system, and with reference to Q, C, D, s standards, and then review the contract price according to the company's procurement guiding price, so as to maximize the use of price leverage to reduce procurement costs. At the same time, the purchasing department will regularly adjust the guiding prices of the company's supporting and outsourced products according to the material cost, process level and market dynamics to ensure their accuracy and feasibility

in terms of product quality, the company implements the reengineering of management system, practically completes various activities such as excellent performance management, export inspection exemption, striving for the national quality management award, vigorously promotes QC group activities, and implements project tackling; Aiming at the employee quality improvement proposal activities that have been carried out for many years, the implementation of the operation method of naming the name of the improver has greatly improved the enthusiasm of employees; The company also vigorously promotes the standardized operation system, focuses on solving the quality instability in the manufacturing process, establishes the operation standard book in the standard format in the production process of the main parts of the leading products, and uses it on the production site, which has a very obvious effect

"in the face of new challenges, only by making preparations in advance can we calmly deal with the complex situation. I believe that through our efforts, we will smoothly enter the fast lane of the development of Shantui." Zhang Xiuwen finally said

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