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Without "Snow" preparation, Inner Mongolia Tongliao introduced Yingda "Road King"

without "Snow" preparation, Inner Mongolia Tongliao introduced Yingda "Road King"

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although the hot summer has just passed, inner Mongolia Tongliao municipal administration has made early preparations for winter road maintenance, and introduced Yingda asphalt pavement thermal regeneration comprehensive maintenance vehicle - PM500 "Road King", which solved the problem of winter maintenance at one stroke

breaking the empty window period of winter maintenance, Yingda silos are favored

Tongliao City is located in the east of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the largest transportation hub city in the East, northeast and west of the autonomous region. The winter climate is cold, and the lowest temperature is more than 20 degrees below zero

for a long time, due to the shutdown of the mixing plant in winter and the lack of hot material supply, urban roads have pavement diseases in winter, which usually cannot be maintained. According to the relevant person in charge of Tongliao municipal administration, even if there are pits and grooves on the road in winter, and there is no hot material, sand and stone will generally be used to fill them temporarily. The dust caused by the driving of vehicles will not only cause environmental pollution such as air, but also cause hidden dangers of traffic safety. Citizens often complain and complain

3000kg of high-quality hot material can be provided in 30 minutes, which is especially suitable for large-area road disease repair

in order to solve the problem of winter maintenance at one stroke, Tongliao municipal government made extensive comparison, and finally chose Yingda "road repair king". Talking about the characteristics of this PM500, the person in charge is like a treasure: "road repair king" patented heating and insulation large silo, which can heat frozen cold blocks in winter; During construction, by baking the pavement, improving the temperature of the pavement, and then treating the road disease, the repair quality is good and environmental protection. It is particularly symptomatic to deal with the emergency repair of municipal roads

backup becomes the main force, and the "king of road repair" incarnates "busy road repair"

after professional technical operation training, the British fitter hammer PM500 "king of road repair" has been successfully employed. However, the PM500, which was originally used as a winter maintenance reserve equipment, changed Tongliao Municipal Administration's mind with its high-efficiency and high-quality pavement maintenance effect

backup becomes the main force. Yingda "Road King" Tongliao municipal road is busy

reducing cost


relevant person in charge. The advanced film blown by the blowing film machine can be used as commodity packaging. Shao said that after a period of training, the operators quickly mastered the operating skills. From the results of road practice, "Road King" is fast and has a very good thermal bonding effect, and the construction quality is more reliable than the traditional process; Road construction is not restricted by the mixing plant. It is more convenient to start work at any time when there are road conditions, and hot materials are supplied at any time. Originally intended to be used for winter maintenance, now it seems that it should be used all year round. It's a pity not to make full use of such good equipment

it is reported that Yingda large geothermal regeneration unit is undergoing pavement overhaul construction in Tongliao g303. Yingda unit and the busy Yingda "Road King" have formed a professional "road doctor" team to contribute more to the road maintenance of this beautiful city on the top of the grassland

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