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Prepress resource management in on-demand printing ABC

compared with the cost-effective and high-yield advantages of traditional printing in large-scale reproduction, digital on-demand printing not only has the advantages of one piece printing, different pieces, and immediately desirable, but also with the large increase of large-scale production-oriented digital printing equipment, especially inkjet and laser web high-yield equipment has become increasingly popular in China, and the production capacity has also been steadily increased. The huge instantaneous production capacity demand requires the prepress department to provide the processed massive small print volume document information in time and realize continuous production, which makes the control of prepress documents become the real technical bottleneck for the success of the on-demand printing business model. As a digital technology master, we have an understanding of the various performances of the machine. What practical help can the prepress software supplier, which is the lifeblood and core of printing technology, provide for printing enterprises in on-demand printing? I think at least the following three points should be met

point 1: a suitable business model

many important facts of successful on-demand printing enterprises will not be mentioned in the industry. This is the so-called Kung Fu outside the poem. Taking the typical successful case of on-demand printing in the publishing industry, flash power company of the United States as an example, when we see that the experimental machine of lightning source reasonably selected and used grease in 2006 to produce 2million on on-demand printed books every month, with an average print volume of only 1.8 per order, if we consider that each order is manually to find the original of the order books, and standardize the format and size of electronic source documents, then flash power may need government funding to maintain today, But it made a profit. Behind this is the publishing resource library composed of a large number of publications. In 2006, there were more than 4300 cooperative publishers and 400000 kinds of books available for on-demand printing. The real competitiveness of flash power is to have a standardized Book typesetting mechanism and resource management for a large number of books and periodicals. Relying on the advantages of the parent company to successfully establish a business model that has accumulated so many on-demand publishing resources is the key to the success and profitability of flash on-demand printing

if a prepress upstream software supplier cannot provide customers with the sharing of various successful or failed cases of on-demand printing at home and abroad, and help clarify that printing enterprises need to carefully consider which on-demand business model to operate in advance. Just doing sales and integration means the lack of market awareness, it is difficult to provide mature prepress products, and its own sustainable development ability and the value of becoming a reliable partner in the future are not high. Admittedly, industry and application analysis cannot replace the actual operation of customers, but it will help customers see the direction of operation, which is the basic quality of excellent prepress software suppliers. In order to carry out on-demand printing projects, printing enterprises should also analyze the competitiveness of internal and external resource advantages in advance and carry out strategic planning, which can gradually and methodically implement the accumulation of customer and document resources, so as to achieve the purpose of avoiding detours and excessive exploration and establishing competitive advantages as soon as possible

point 2: massive data management system

printing on demand requires massive small order information. When there are enough customer orders and file information, how to manage massive database resources becomes a difficult problem. The two core resources of on-demand printing are the information resources of customer orders and the electronic documents that need to be copied before and after customer confirmation. The innovative graphene composites weaken the brittleness of fuel cells and enhance the conductivity of fuel cells. Whether it is the publishing resources from the publishing house or the business card single page resources from the combined edition customers, it is necessary to carry out daily management such as customer authorization and confirmation of order information and document information. Similarly, whether it is a printing enterprise that needs to provide security and confidentiality certification for customers such as bank and insurance, an on-demand printing enterprise that stores and prints electronic document resources for publishing houses, an e-commerce enterprise that stores and prints digital photos for end customers, a printing enterprise that stores and prints documents for combined edition and commercial customers, and a printing enterprise that provides storage and graphic reproduction services for art institutions, As well as graphic quick printing chain stores that can provide web printing services, they all need to have perfect massive information resource management planning schemes and software

in the future, there are more industry opportunities waiting to be explored for the application of various one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes in the packaging fields such as drug supervision codes, food quality traceability system and IOT. Strong professional information and document resource management department to improve the degree of automation and data accuracy; It can also save the experimental parameter system. For on-demand printing enterprises that need to deal with a large number of orders and document information, it will be even more powerful, which is also one of the symbols of suppliers that can provide comprehensive on-demand printing solutions

point 3: digital green process

demand determines the return on investment. Whether there are orders determines the value of on-demand printing enterprises, the number of orders determines the benefits of on-demand printing enterprises, and the standardization of document information determines the operational efficiency of on-demand printing enterprises. This makes although the business model of obtaining order information and document information determines the operation level of on-demand printing enterprises, the control of internal order information and document information has become the technical key to the success or failure of on-demand printing and the decisive factor of the internal operation cost of enterprises

the concentration of the global printing industry is increasing, the number of enterprises is decreasing, and the number of employees in the industry is decreasing, which makes the customer information management, customer order management and the management of documents to be printed by customers increasingly automated and efficient. Web printing is one of the means to realize the automation of order management. Taiwan Jianhao can successfully complete tens of thousands of orders every day, which is inseparable from the powerful internal software automation process. Unlike the high-speed and high-yield of traditional printing of a large number of copies of the same content, massive small order information can only be completed by relying on a fully automated digital green process. Price competition makes it possible to reach the basic break even point only when it reaches a certain scale, which is also the reason why there are only a few combined enterprises in the industry, because this mode requires the maintenance of economies of scale. Only by building a fully automated digital green process from order collection to order confirmation and processing, and rapid production and logistics after payment, can the internal operating costs be minimized and the fluctuation of human factors be reduced, Realize the improvement of the core competitiveness of on-demand printing enterprises

with the further integration of the traditional printing industry and the IT information industry, the scientific and technological content of the industry has gradually increased. Industrial competition has made the number and quality of orders the lifeblood of the survival and development of printing enterprises, leading to the gradual shift of the focus of the whole printing process. Information acquisition, management and processing have become the core work of on-demand printing

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