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Preparations for the 2006 International Rubber and plastic exhibition are in full swing

less than 100 days before the opening of the "2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", the organizer Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. held the first "international rubber and plastic Exhibition" press conference of this year in Beijing yesterday (January 17), and nearly 100 representatives of industry associations, circles and well-known enterprises attended

according to the organizer, the exhibition area of 2006 International Rubber and plastic exhibition reached 92000 square meters, and the scale was 50% higher than that of the last Shanghai Exhibition (2004). It is estimated that there are 1300 exhibitors and nearly 1000 machines on display. At present, more than 90% of the booths have been booked or confirmed. So far, buyers from 74 countries and regions have registered as viewers, and nearly 50% of them have overcome the "flow mark" Zhonghai appearance. They are very interested in Chinese machinery and raw materials

in order to celebrate the 20th session of the exhibition, in addition to holding a professional and technical forum, the 2006 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will also award the "star exhibitor Honor Award" and the "largest overseas visiting group" award, as well as set up a "Time Gallery of the international rubber and plastic Exhibition" on site. The topics of the technical forum are "the development of degradable PEU prepared by Cl and other monomer reactions of new plastic materials", "plastic building materials - new trends and technologies", "the application of plastic technology in household appliances and electrical information products", and "how plastic technology can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection and improve production efficiency"

"2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" is sponsored by Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the National Light Industry Federation - China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai plastics industry association and Shanghai Foreign Trade and business exhibition company. At the same time, the exhibition also received strong support from many rubber and plastic industry associations across the country, and continued to receive the exclusive sponsorship of the European Association of plastic and rubber industrial machinery manufacturers (EUROMAP) in China

in recent years, the Canadian government and its emphasis on the development of the recycling industry source of information:

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