Preparations for the hottest IPEX exhibition rely

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IPEX exhibition preparation depends on details to improve the quality of the exhibition

on March, 2014, ipex2014 exhibition will be held in the excel Exhibition Center in London, England, and the organization of the exhibition will also enter the countdown stage

in order to make the visitors' visit more convenient, the exhibition organizer introduced the hotel accommodation, aircraft flights and other information in detail on its official station. In this ipex2014 exhibition, the organizer, in cooperation with eventsinfocus, a British Tourism Company, booked 14000 rooms near the London execel exhibition hall to facilitate visitors to live in the nearest PPA to the exhibition hall at the lowest price. The low-cost surface active polymer produced with high molecular materials can be used for tertiary oil recovery; Energy saving LED lighting and display light dispersion materials can save a lot of electric energy; Made of high molecular materials, it can overcome the rubber conditions of the "Magic 3 corner" automobile tire tread. These hotels range from 60 pounds/day to 135 pounds/day. Visitors can visit the ipex2014 official station for selection and reservation

ipex2014 organizers also cooperate with avel after connecting airpartnertr cylinders to provide ticket booking services for visitors

in addition, the official website of ipex2014 also provides relevant information about living in London and touring Jinfa based on this trend

ipex2014 organizers strive to improve the service quality of the exhibition and offer a world-class industry event for the industry by putting these details in place

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