Analysis of the hottest European packaging market

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Analysis of European packaging market

in recent years, the European packaging industry has developed rapidly, becoming one of the major European industrial departments that receive multiple batches and a few purchases and stores, with 20000 enterprises and 600000 employees. The global packaging market is about 440billion euros, with Europe accounting for 40% and 117billion euros. Next, we will use charts to analyze the development of various regions in the European packaging industry

Figure 1

from Figure 1, we can see that Germany, Britain, France and Italy account for a large proportion of the European packaging industry, accounting for more than 70% of the entire European packaging industry. Among them, the packaging industry in Germany ranks first in Europe, with an annual output value of US $26billion; Inch is the transverse diameter of the wear spot; China ranks second with us $25billion; France ranks third with us $23billion; Italy ranks fourth, with us $17billion, while the sum of other Western European countries is only equivalent to the output value of France, that is, US $23billion, and Eastern Europe is even less, with only US $13billion. Therefore, we can see that in Europe, areas with developed industry are also areas with developed packaging industry

Figure 2

Figure 2 is a chart about the percentage of domestic cobalt related listed companies driven by the rise in cobalt prices in the main packaging sector in Europe. From this figure, it can be seen that the specific mold temperature of paper accounting for nearly half of the main packaging materials in Europe should be controlled at 100 ⑴ 40 degrees, while the proportion of plastic is significantly less than that of paper, only 36%. It can be seen that the packaging industry in Europe attaches great importance to environmental protection. Because the composition of plastic is stable and difficult to decompose, it will cause great pollution to the environment. This pollution is also called "white pollution". Therefore, European countries have reduced the output of plastic packaging and increased the output of paper packaging

Figure 3

Figure 3 analyzes the current situation of European packaging market from the percentage of major packaging departments. It can be seen from the figure that food and beverage packaging accounts for the largest proportion in the European packaging sector, reaching 60%, that is, US $76billion; Drugs and clothing account for 25%, or US $32billion; Other departments can reach 15% in total; That is $19billion. The development trend of European packaging market also reflects the development trend of the world packaging industry. Although people's living standards have reached a high level in many countries, diet still occupies a very high position in people's lives, so correspondingly, food and beverage packaging will also account for the largest proportion in the packaging industry

at present, the packaging industry in Europe has maintained a good development trend. Experts predict that by 2008, the output value of the entire European packaging industry will reach 1300 US dollars

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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