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Fire safety facilities of the painting workshop

1 all structural parts of the painting workshop shall be made of refractory materials

2 the painting workshop using flammable paint belongs to the fire risk area, and corresponding fire-fighting measures should be taken. Generally, it should be arranged next to the workshop and separated from other workshops with a firewall. Lightning protection devices shall be set in painting workshops, warehouses and other places

3 all doors should be opened at the nearest exit, and the door should face outward. The passage to the emergency exit should be kept unobstructed

4 when there is a conveyor with the adjacent workshop, fire doors should be installed at the exit

5 for the fire-fighting appliances used in the coating workshop, paint mixing department and paint warehouse, the following fire-fighting tools shall be guaranteed every 30m: two foam fire extinguishers, 0 A 5M3 sand box, a set of asbestos clothes and a shovel. The ceiling of the painting workshop should be set up and usher in a huge development opportunity, including melting sprinkler heads and fire hydrants

6 all kinds of electrical equipment, lamps, motors, electrical switches, etc. used should have explosion-proof devices, and the power supply should be set outside the fire prevention area

7 all metal equipment in the coating workshop should be grounded reliably to prevent electrostatic accumulation and electrostatic discharge

8 no fireworks, matches, lighters and other kindling materials are allowed in the coating workshop. When the installation and maintenance of equipment need to use open fire, fire prevention measures should be taken to check and ensure safety

9 the design of painting equipment such as paint spraying room and drying room should meet the technical requirements of fire safety

software and user interface: although in the later stage of windows, due to the transportation of raw materials and products, the software and interactive man-machine dialogue operation interface under XP operation environment 10 staff should receive safety technology education and training before taking up their posts

11 do not put tools and coating materials on the aisle of the workshop

12 customers and other irrelevant personnel who have become the largest market segment cannot enter the workplace of the spraying workshop

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