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XCMG group made a brilliant debut at China Asia Europe Expo

XCMG group made a brilliant debut at China Asia Europe Expo

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Guide: the first China Asia Europe Expo was grandly held in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xinjiang from September 1 to 5. XCMG group arranged a booth in the central area of the main venue of the Expo, and 21 sets of exhibits made a brilliant debut, fully demonstrating XCMG's brand and overall strength. This Expo is gathering

the first China Asia Europe Expo was grandly held in Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xinjiang, from September 1 to 5. XCMG group arranged a booth in the central area of the main venue of the Expo, and 21 sets of exhibits came on stage, fully demonstrating XCMG's brand and overall strength

this Expo is an inheritance and distillation based on the strength of the 19th Urumqi International Economic and trade fair. It has been upgraded from a regional exhibition to an international exhibition, with higher specifications, larger scale and wider influence. The Expo has six exhibition areas with a total of more than 2000 booths, covering industries, agriculture, science and technology, finance and other fields, attracting exhibitors from more than 30 countries

XCMG has participated in this exhibition for the fifth time, including the Urumqi fair, the predecessor of the Expo. XCMG carefully selected 21 sets of exhibits to form a strong exhibition lineup. The products cover the fields of hoisting, earthwork, road construction and maintenance, concrete, special vehicles and so on. In terms of completeness, XCMG highlights the large-scale advantages of large enterprise groups and shines brightly at the exhibition. It has become one of the most concerned exhibition customers in the audience, which can be easily distinguished, Many people believe that this and building exterior wall materials have once again set off a brand boom of XCMG in Xinjiang

Xinjiang has always been an important strategic part of XCMG ● die: DD φ 32.28 dd φ 32.35 dd φ 32.43 dd φ 32.50 market, with good sales channels and after-sales service, XCMG's brand and its popularity have achieved excellent market in Xinjiang, won the general recognition of industry users, gathered a large number of loyal users, and the market share of various products ranks first. XCMG machinery plays an important role in the construction of various key projects and has become a powerful booster for the construction and development of Xinjiang. On the construction site of the second double track of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, the boom frames of dozens of XCMG cranes stand high, and XCMG bridge erecting machines and beam carriers work together; XCMG K series loaders have taken the lead in cleaning the snow to ensure Tianshan Duku highway; Among the vast mountains in the most Western Tacheng of China, xc400 stabilized soil plant mixing equipment of XCMG has won the evaluation of "good quality, high efficiency and stable performance" from all users; At Hongqi Lafu port on Pamir Plateau, XCMG motor grader successfully conquered the "valley of death" with stable product quality. North and south of Tianshan Mountain, East and west of Gobi, the vast land is decorated with dazzling XCMG yellow everywhere, which provides a solid guarantee for the construction and development of Xinjiang

while providing high-quality products, XCMG group focuses on improving service guarantee and deepening the service rooted project. The successive opening of several XCMG Xinjiang 4S stores not only reflects XCMG's concept of supporting strategic dealers to become stronger and bigger, but also shows XCMG's determination to speed up its penetration into Xinjiang and provide high-quality services to users. XCMG Xinjiang 4S store makes every effort to provide environment-friendly, safe, reliable and advanced products. With professional, fast, efficient and considerate gold medal services, it meets the all-round needs of various users for spare parts and training, provides the most powerful guarantee for the safe, reliable and stable construction of all XCMG products in Xinjiang, creates greater value, and truly embodies the sincere commitment of "XCMG XCMG, help you succeed"

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Xinjiang will vigorously increase the construction of railway, highway, civil aviation, electric power and other infrastructure to correctly select and match the objective lens and eyepiece, and plans to complete key construction projects with an investment of 150billion yuan. In the next few years, the construction machinery industry will have great prospects in Xinjiang. To this end, XCMG group has made corresponding strategic measures to increase investment in Xinjiang, establish an industrial base, and closely follow the pace of development and construction in Xinjiang. On August 4 this year, XCMG signed an investment agreement with Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District) on XCMG Xinjiang equipment manufacturing base project. After completion, the project will become the R & D, manufacturing and sales center of XCMG in Northwest China and even Central Asian countries

Xinjiang has an important geographical position as a bridgehead of China's opening to the west, carrying the East and West, and has a broad market radiation capacity. In order to further expand the market share of XCMG products in Central Asian countries and regions, investing in Xinjiang will become an important springboard for XCMG group to move towards internationalization. The markets of Western and Central Asian countries represented by Xinjiang will become an important strategic support for XCMG to achieve the goal of "100 billion yuan, internationalization and world-class"

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