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XCMG group: fali intelligent manufacturing completes the leap forward development

XCMG group: fali intelligent manufacturing completes the leap forward development

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exemplary force

in recent years, the development of China's construction machinery industry is relatively sluggish, and the market capacity has continued to decline. However, during this period of industry downturn, XCMG group, the leading manufacturer in Jiangsu manufacturing industry and has always maintained the first place in China's construction machinery industry since its establishment 28 years ago, has countered the development all the way, made efforts to intelligent manufacturing, and completed the leapfrog development of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing road. XCMG ranked eighth in the 2017 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, becoming the only Chinese enterprise on the list to rank among the top 10. In the first quarter of this year, XCMG achieved explosive growth, and the sales of all products increased significantly. Among them, the sales volume of truck cranes, the leading product, increased by 150%, the sales volume and sales revenue of excavators exceeded 100%, and the export increased by 63%. The product sales were popular across the board

technology armed workshop realizes "intelligent" evolution

under the background of the new economic normal of accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, pushing and opening the oil return valve to make the piston fall back, and optimizing the transformation and upgrading of the dynamic industry, XCMG is taking innovation driven development as the core strategy to fully promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Supported by scientific and technological innovation, the production workshop of XCMG group is changing. Walking into the excavation structure workshop in XCMG excavation machinery base, the scene of workers working in full swing has disappeared, and all kinds of robots are busy in different positions, welding Assembly... "In terms of boom welding, we have adopted the flexible welding production line with the highest degree of intelligence in the industry, and the welding line will automatically assign tasks to robots. The automation of the whole process eliminates the unstable factors of manual operation, ensures the quality consistency, and increases the production capacity by 50%." Li Zong, deputy general manager of XCMG group and general manager of XCMG excavator division, said

"the development of intelligent manufacturing is not as simple as changing a few robots and more CNC machine tools", said Yang Yong, deputy general manager of XCMG group. The intelligent manufacturing mode of XCMG group focuses on the research and development of intelligent equipment and the integrated application of industrial interconnection. Through the upgrading of intelligent production lines/units and the integrated application of manufacturing process information systems, the automation, lean, digitalization and intellectualization of R & D and manufacturing can be realized. The data shows that through the simulation and optimization of workshops and production lines, the upgrading of intelligent equipment, the use of intelligent logistics, intelligent scheduling and other means, the production efficiency of XCMG group has increased by 25.8%

interconnection + big data connect the product value chain

in recent years, XCMG has continuously increased investment in the overall improvement of informatization and the construction of "interconnection +". In November 2016, the first industrial cloud platform in the industry that XCMG cooperated with Alibaba was released. The platform has successfully filled the gap of large-scale application of big data in the industrial field in China. At the same time, the first industrial property big data platform in China independently developed by XCMG group has nearly 320000 devices and collects more than 500 million information data every day, which can realize remote automatic upgrading, remote control, abnormal alarm, etc. of equipment and provide high-quality services to customers

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said that the construction of "Internet +" data platform is a major measure for XCMG group to comply with the tide of the era of "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0" and realize the reform of manufacturing industry. Through the analysis of data mining, enterprises can link the upstream and downstream of the industry and connect the product value chain, so that customers can truly feel the comprehensive upgrading of core capabilities such as unmanned product control, intelligent control of equipment resources, intelligent optimization of construction process schemes, intelligent diagnosis of remote operation and maintenance, and intelligent active services brought by "interconnection + engineering machinery"

outward expansion helps Chinese brands go global

as an industry leader, XCMG group is one of the first enterprises to implement the international development strategy. Under the call of the "the Belt and Road" construction and the national "going global" strategy, XCMG has walked out of the new development mode of "intelligent manufacturing to the sea" and become a new business card of made in China

XCMG group focuses on promoting the R & D and improvement of overseas adaptive products, has established four R & D centers in Europe, the United States, Brazil and XCMG, and has initially established a R & D and technology platform that can support the international expansion of XCMG, significantly improving the R & D capacity in the corresponding key parts and products. The core technology and key parts produced by XCMG European Research Center enable Chinese enterprises to have the key technology of hydraulic system for the first time, realizing the breakthrough development of the industry. XCMG also cooperated with Alibaba, Huawei and other giant companies to promote the expansion of overseas IOT business. Today, XCMG's industrial property big data platform has been able to realize remote monitoring of the adjustment pointer of the starting oil pump in countries and regions as far away as Brazil, Myanmar, Laos and other countries and regions, and truly achieve the "zero distance" of global services

"intelligent manufacturing is not a future plan, but a current reality. Only by seizing the opportunity of scientific and technological revolution can we realize XCMG's development concept of 'leading technology and indestructible use'." Wang Min said that in the future, XCMG will more actively explore new technologies and applications in the field of IOT and intelligent manufacturing, systematically improve industrial diversification, product intelligence and manufacturing services, provide strong technical support for the grand goal of building XCMG into the top three industries in the world for a century, and help Jiangsu manufacturing industry transformation, upgrading and sustainable development

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