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XCMG group's new logic launched a big brand

against the background of sky blue, a white triangle structure is deliberately upside down. This is the famous XCMG group. The belt tension should not exceed the big brand logo. Xu Gongren said that the triangle structure symbolizes the "three stages" of XCMG's brand development, namely, the product brand stage, the enterprise brand stage and the social brand stage

insiders said that the "Three-stage" of XCMG's brand made XCMG successfully seize the commanding height of brand competition in the era of the Warring States period when China's construction machinery industry entered the brand. From product brand to enterprise brand, Xu workers realized the mathematical paradox of; From enterprise brand to social brand, Xu workers have made a reputation for "made in China" in the international market

from product brand to enterprise brand: in midsummer Beijing, a message spread like wildfire: "China Construction machinery brand survey" revealed that the local brand of construction machinery XCMG ranked first, becoming the most influential brand in China's construction machinery market in 2004

in the face of the good news, a marketing boss of XCMG said that XCMG's fame is worthy of its name. For domestic consumers of truck cranes and road rollers, "XCMG" has become a synonym for famous brand products. For more than 10 years in a row, XCMG brand cranes and rollers have been the first in domestic sales, cutting nearly 50% of the market cake

Xu workers seem to have an innate sensitivity to brands. "You can have no money, no factories, no products, or even no people, but you can't have no brand. There is a brand, there is a market, of course, there will be others". Xu workers interpreted their brand complex in this way

this innate brand awareness is inseparable from XCMG's important position in China's construction machinery field: as China's largest construction machinery development, manufacturing and export enterprise, XCMG must create a brand commensurate with its status

before the establishment of the group, Xu Gongren successfully completed the forging of many product brands, and many products such as truck cranes and road rollers were in the leading position in the same industry. At that time, the brand of road roller was "Luyou", the brand of truck crane was "sea with little oil and bubble rainbow", and the brand of loader was "Sanyou", etc. In 1989, XCMG group was born. The first task facing the group is to integrate the brand. XCMG must make a clear choice between multi brand strategy and unique unified brand strategy

after in-depth and detailed market research and analysis, the decision-making level of XCMG finally chose the unified brand strategy. At that time, XCMG's idea was that from product brand to enterprise brand, which was the brand building goal that many Chinese enterprises were eager to achieve. Although XCMG has many products, they are all engineering machinery products. In addition, unified brand is more conducive to centralizing resources and investment and reducing the cost of brand cultivation. In terms of brand integration, XCMG has adopted a transitional strategy. From the establishment of the group to 2001, the three leading products of XCMG retained their original brands while adding a unified "XCMG" brand logo. In terms of brand publicity, the "XCMG" brand is mainly recommended. "XCMG, XCMG, help you succeed!" As nizaki base will provide some samples and solutions according to the requirements of different customers and carry out a series of brand promotion activities, XCMG's brand has been widely spread, and XCMG's reputation and market share have increased steadily. Nowadays, the word "XCMG" has become a huge brand asset, providing strong brand support and market competitiveness for the operation and development of the whole XCMG group and the listing and promotion of new products

XCMG marketing manager said with deep feeling: "when XCMG group was just established in 1989, XCMG products had eight brands with an annual operating revenue of 330million yuan. 15 years later, XCMG products left only one brand, but the operating revenue of this brand was 15.44 billion yuan. XCMG group created a miracle on the road of brand development."

from corporate brands to social brands, high school students want to compete with graduate students. Not long ago, at a symposium, Wang Min, the boss of XCMG, made a vivid metaphor when reporting to Premier Wen Jiabao. He said that if the world's famous international construction machinery brands are graduate students and college students, then "XCMG" is a high school student with excellent studies and great room for improvement. Premier Wen Jiabao happily encouraged "XCMG" to strive to become a doctoral student. Since then, this doctor's dream has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every XCMG decision-maker. They know that doctor's dream is not only for XCMG brand, but also for "made in China"; XCMG is not only an enterprise brand, but also a social brand. XCMG brand not only represents XCMG group, but also represents the manufacturing level of China's construction machinery

a long-term brand strategy has been formed at the decision-making level of XCMG: XCMG should become a well-known international brand! It may take several years, more than ten years or even longer, but this is the inevitable choice for XCMG to become a truly century old enterprise

when it comes to competition with international brands, A boss of XCMG said: "We have many ways! XCMG has its own clear positioning in both domestic and international markets. All plastics show creep. At present, our cost performance is the best. The reliability and stability of quality are impeccable. In the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, XCMG products in China are very popular. Many customers feedback that your brand and service are much better than some products in Europe and America." In recent years, XCMG's products have ranked first in the export volume of domestic loaders. At the Munich exhibition in Germany, the construction machinery prototype closest to the international level was also XCMG loader

Xu workers, who tasted the sweetness of the brand, described their brand road in this way -- market competition is the competition of brand strategy. Who can use the brand strategy properly will win the market and wealth

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