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XCMG group: evolution from digital factory to intelligent factory

with the first xe15r excavator of intelligent remote control cygnet coming offline, XCMG group (hereinafter referred to as XCMG) excavator product family has successfully added the first pure remote control excavator without cab, and the intelligent level has been further improved. XCMG group is the largest enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry. This year, China will implement made in China 2025. The Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises represented by XCMG will be the pioneers and representatives of advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. As a discrete manufacturing enterprise, how does XCMG group evolve from a digital factory to an intelligent factory

highly automated and digital operation workshop

in such a large workshop, there are few workers. In the highly automated and digital operation workshop, most of them are cutting machines, welding machines, machine hands, etc. waving tirelessly in the air

this is the combined plant of XCMG loader intelligent manufacturing base, with 167000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 24 football fields. It takes one and a half hours to walk around. Here, all production processes such as blanking, structure, coating and final assembly are completed at one time, which can realize the annual production capacity of 2000 large tonnage loaders. It is also the largest combined plant in the world construction machinery industry and the largest intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders in China

loaders are the flagship products of XCMG group, which has maintained the first export in the industry for more than 20 years. The intelligent manufacturing base of loaders is a representative intelligent production base implemented by XCMG in recent years. First, the process level is high. The design is based on the commanding height of the development of the construction machinery industry, takes the lead in integrating and applying a large number of cross industry process technologies, realizes integrated innovation, and realizes the production process simulation of super large-scale discrete manufacturing system for the first time in the world. Second, the production scale is large, and the largest single combined plant in the loader industry in the world has been built, and energy-saving and environmental protection technologies have been widely used, making it the first green plant in China's construction machinery industry. Third, the management level is high. In production management, the comprehensive use of manufacturing equipment management system can realize the functions of processing program transmission and equipment dynamic monitoring; Fourth, the manufacturing level is high. Through the investment of a large number of intelligent equipment, the accurate distribution of automated logistics and intelligent management, the manufacturing means have reached the international leading level

intellectualization is the biggest highlight among them. The combined plant uses a large number of advanced and efficient intelligent manufacturing technologies and process equipment in blanking, welding, machining, painting and assembly units. In order to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, welding robots, spraying robots, cutting robots and other automatic equipment are widely used in the process construction. For example, a large number of welding robot groups have been configured, and two automatic welding lines have been built. Both the number of configurations and the scope of use are unique in the loader industry. For example, the whole welding and manufacturing process of the loader bucket has been unmanned, The labor cost is greatly reduced and the welding quality is significantly improved

zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information, told that as the latest and largest project implemented by XCMG information team, XCMG group loader intelligent production base, in the construction process, all information personnel participated in and designed weak current scheme, equipment joint DNC scheme, and optimization scheme of sap/mes system. The final implementation scheme includes 11 km long accumulation and release chain and AGV logistics trolley all over the assembly workshop

intelligent manufacturing with MES as the core

intelligent manufacturing is not only the intellectualization of manufacturing process, but also the integration of management intelligence, service intelligence, equipment intelligence and other aspects

XCMG group wants to build an intelligent manufacturing system with integrated design and manufacturing, intelligent management, data informatization and automatic control through the deep integration of management informatization and equipment automation, using various sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots and automatic production lines

Zhang Qiliang revealed that XCMG's intelligent manufacturing is centered on MES. As the brain of the whole manufacturing process, MES is responsible for scheduling all production resources such as production, materials, quality and equipment, so as to maximize the benefits through the production process. During the implementation of our MES system, we always adhere to the idea of lean manufacturing, quote industry best practices, optimize business processes, and change the original inefficient processes of the factory. After optimization, the total mileage of the world's high-speed railway will exceed 50000 kilometers into a project blueprint, which will be solidified after review by the business department, and then refined and implemented in the system. At the end of the project, the project team collates and absorbs the excellent processes of the factory to form new best practices. He said

in XCMG crane intelligent chemical plant, key CNC equipment and large machining centers are all connected, realizing on-site networking monitoring and visual management of the workshop. At the same time, through the full integration of manufacturing execution system MES and ERP system, the automatic management and control of production process are realized, and the flexible manufacturing level of enterprises is improved

through the MES system, the collaboration between various production units is more timely, and the production models such as production order progress, production bottleneck processes, worker performance and product production quality are reflected in transparent quantitative data; MES system records in-process, man hour, personnel and other information in the manufacturing process in real time, and the whole production process can be traced, providing timely and accurate diversified data for technical R & D personnel

in addition, through the implementation of MES system, we have quickly established a timely decision-making system, fed back the problems on the production site to the managers at the first time, and adopted the fastest speed to solve the problems. A large number of SPC statistical analysis reports in the later stage also provide rich management basis for the enterprise decision-makers

in addition to MES, XCMG's intelligent global collaborative R & D platform realizes the real-time interoperability of product design data with the world, and is also highly integrated with SAP, MES, PDS and other systems, greatly shortening the time to market of new products

open the app and have a panoramic view of every move of the remote device. This is a remote monitoring IOT platform similar to industrial interconnection recently implemented by XCMG group. Customers can view the geographical location, working time, historical track, fuel consumption of the day and other information of the equipment anytime and anywhere just through the computer or login system. Although the platform is still in the stage of exploring the market, it is of great benefit to improve the user experience and the operation and management level of equipment

realize the standardization and interconnection of equipment

from CAD, PDM, ERP, CRM, PLM, MES and other information systems, to CNC machine tools, robots, sensors and other hardware equipment, in order to integrate these dazzling software, hardware, systems together to form an organic integration of the whole, but also to get through the workshop, factory, enterprise and external market and other levels of data, it must be inseparable from the top-level design

its academic name is polyurethane elastic fiber

in 2010, XCMG group formulated the 12th Five Year Plan of XCMG informatization strategy, and planned and deployed the informatization construction from the strategic level of the group

at the level of production equipment, XCMG group has introduced advanced intelligent equipment such as CNC machine tools, welding robots, painting robots, automated transport vehicles, etc. through DNC, the equipment is linked because of its excellent high-temperature mechanical stability, excellent chemical resistance and good compatibility with high-precision 3D printing system, and is integrated with MES system, PDM system, CAPP, realizing the intelligence, networking and informatization of the equipment. At the factory level, through the real-time MES system, CRM system, DMS system, SRM system, WMS system, the information management and control of factory production, supply and marketing is realized. At the enterprise level, group level control platforms such as ERP system, comprehensive budget system, global human resource management platform, business intelligence platform and IOT platform have been built to provide data support for the decision-making of enterprise management

for such a huge system to operate organically, standardization and interconnection must be achieved. XCMG has put standardization in the first place in the process of promoting informatization

as early as 2008, XCMG established the coding Committee at the same time of establishing the Informatization Leading Committee, and the chairman personally served as the director of the Committee. In the follow-up information construction process, each project team always attaches importance to data as one of the core elements that determine the success or failure of the project, and has done a lot of work on data standardization. The second situation is: first, check whether the force measuring piston is installed correctly

in terms of process standardization, XCMG group used the best practice of enterprise resource planning management to solidify the enterprise process, sorted out 339 management DNA, and standardized the management process

enterprise service bus is the key for XCMG to solve the interconnection between multiple systems. In the process of information construction, XCMG group realized that with the increase of the number of systems, there will be more and more interfaces between systems. If not standardized, it will inevitably form a spider like system interface. Therefore, the construction of enterprise service bus has been carried out in time, and all systems have interfaces with enterprise service bus. The interface is fully standardized, avoiding the problems of repeated development and low interface efficiency

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