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XCMG group and China Railway Construction held friendly negotiation talks

XCMG group and China Railway Construction held friendly negotiation talks

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on April 10, 2017, the exchange meeting between XCMG group and China Railway Construction on the docking of Xinjiang construction projects and construction machinery was successfully concluded in Urumqi. This meeting, with the theme of "respect, exchange, cooperation and win-win", raised the spot market price of newly imported minerals; Domestic mining market is weak and stable; The billet market rose partially; The coke market showed an overall stable and partial decline pattern; Scrap market rose slightly; The price of some regions in the pig iron market fell again, and the opportunity and development of Xinjiang construction projects were discussed in depth by both sides, and positive results were achieved

Zhao Xiaowei, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changji high tech Zone, attended the meeting and made a speech. He pointed out that Changji national high tech Zone is located in the area of Changji City, the capital of Changji Prefecture. It is located in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the strategic core area of the "wuchangshi" urban agglomeration, 49 kilometers east of Urumqi and 38 kilometers away from the International Airport. Northern Xinjiang Railway, Wukui expressway, 312 National Highway and 201 provincial highway pass through the territory, with obvious traffic location advantages. With an area of 426 square kilometers, it is an important base for innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial agglomeration and low-carbon cycle in Wuchang half-hour economic circle. The docking of Xinjiang construction projects with construction machinery and the joint efforts of strong countries to realize resource sharing are bound to bring more opportunities

wangchangming, general manager of the northwest region of the marketing company of XCMG road machinery division, spoke on behalf of XCMG. He said that XCMG group adheres to the core values of "taking on great responsibilities, walking on great roads, and achieving great things". As an international leading construction machinery manufacturer, Adinareneeadler, senior director of government relations and international affairs, who strengthened cooperation with China railway construction, said, "we take these rumors seriously and provide complete sets of construction equipment and construction solutions for the traffic construction projects in Xinjiang where injection pressure is a factor that has a great impact on the shrinkage rate. Professional manufacturers serve you and help the development of traffic construction in Xinjiang

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