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XCMG group: deeply explore the African construction machinery market

the African segment of the world's largest construction machinery exhibition "BMW Exhibition" kicked off at the Johannesburg Exhibition Center in South Africa on the 13th. As the most important international engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo in Africa, this event attracted many enterprises from all over the world. Among them, XCMG group, a Chinese enterprise that participated in the "BMW Exhibition" in Africa for the third time in a row, appeared with its latest R & D achievements and strong product lineup, becoming a highlight of the exhibition

truck cranes, crawler hydraulic excavators, loaders, aerial work vehicles, etc. the seven complete machines displayed by XCMG on the site show the strong technical strength made in China, which has attracted great interest from local buyers. On the first day of the exhibition, XCMG signed orders of nearly US $5million with local customers. Shen Yu, head of XCMG Africa Department, said that the group's annual sales in Africa have reached US $100million for five consecutive years

XCMG team is proud that in addition to the continuous rise in sales performance, the group also broke the Western monopoly on the African construction machinery market. Due to historical reasons, in the past, large mining equipment in the South African market has been occupied by European and American brands. However, after the long-term unremitting efforts of XCMG South Africa in the early stage, the brand recognition of high-quality XCMG mining equipment in South Africa continues to improve. At present, the company has developed a number of mine customers and sold more than 100 sets of complete sets of equipment. Especially remarkable is the realization of the sales of lw800k, lw900k, lw1200k and other large tonnage loaders, xd40a articulated mining trucks, nxg5650dt non road wide body dump trucks, xe470d mining excavators and gr2405 large mining graders, breaking the long-term monopoly of large tonnage loaders and large mining equipment in South Africa by foreign brands

XCMG's ability to win the recognition of local customers is inseparable from the group's investment in the African market for many years. Shen Yu said that the group currently has 6 subsidiaries, 20 offices and 25 service centers in Africa. Only in southern Africa, the initial graphene with the installation accuracy of the 2 experimental machine is being used and revised step by step in the field of related power equipment. The group has four distribution points, including Johannesburg, South Africa, nano Windhoek, mosanmabuto and universal tension experiment motor sub tension machine, which adopts the full digital, closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm, as well as four service spare parts centers, At the same time, it also has 6 XCMG service pickup trucks equipped with professional maintenance equipment, which can provide professional after-sales service and comprehensive spare parts service for Southern Africa and surrounding countries

XCMG group regards South Africa as the regional center of Southern Africa and hopes to vigorously expand its business in surrounding African countries based on this. XCMG South Africa has a professional and experienced sales and after-sales team, including 6 Chinese sales directors and managers, 8 foreign sales personnel, and 9 spare parts service managers and technicians

XCMG also pays attention to developing products that meet the needs of the African market. The 12m aerial work vehicle test bar on display at this exhibition can be clamped with a diameter of 0 (3) 0mm, which is a product customized by XCMG for the African market. This model adopts imported hydraulic parts with high reliability and is equipped with emergency treatment device to effectively ensure safety and prevent dangerous working conditions; Equipped with electronic timer to accumulate operation time for timely maintenance; The outrigger with horizontal and vertical expansion and contraction can be controlled separately, which has super adaptability

Shen Yu is very optimistic about the market prospect of Africa. He believes that African countries have great development potential, there is still much room for infrastructure construction in the fields of electric power, water conservancy facilities, mining and other fields, and there is a considerable demand for construction machinery. Shenyu hopes to bring more high-quality XCMG products to Africa, show the ever-changing level of made in China, and help Africa's economic and social development more

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