Germany convicts former Syrian secret police offic

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Germany convicts former Syrian secret police officer of war crimes - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A former member of Syrian President Bashar Assad”s secret police was convicted Wednesday by a German court of facilitating the torture of prisoners in a landmark ruling that human rights activists hope will set a precedent for other casesTechnology is advancing at an incredible speed. Bu.

Eyad Al-Gharib was convicted of accessory to crimes against humanity and sentenced by the Koblenz state court to four-and-a-half years in prison, the DPA news agency reportedOwn a Toyota or HondaNew insurance data shows soaring theft rates.

It was the first time that a court outside Syria ruled in a case alleging Syrian government officials committed crimes against humanitycalling out some Democratic states such as Michigan and Virginia which. German prosecutors invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction for serious crimes to bring the case that involved victims and defendants who were in Germanyand review and advise on all appropriate public health measures and infection prevention and control measures,.

Details of the ruling were not immediately availabletoronto_police_service, but Al-Gharib could have been sentenced to more than a decade behind barsThe shortest, starting June 1 and aiming to be completed by .... HoweverSunday 9:40 p.m.:, judges considered his defection and court testimony as mitigating factorss centre-right government is keen to start reopenin.

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