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Oshilai wall fabric hereby solemnly promises that the wall fabric is woven from plant fibers, and its quality and environmental protection index far exceed the quality inspection standards

June 5, 2019

World Environment Day

have you ever been shocked by such photos



we live on the earth

always say to protect it

to make the world a better place

in fact, we are always hurting it

and ourselves

maybe you will think that the shocking pictures on these pictures are far away from us

However, in fact,

the environment is gradually

returning the damage to ourselves

the obvious rise of global temperature

the melting of glaciers caused by the greenhouse effect

the rise of sea level

the living area of human beings is eroded by sea water bit by bit

some studies have found that

plastic particles remain in human body


we threw away will eventually be returned to ourselves...

in addition to the external environment

of course, there is also our living environment

the incidence of leukemia increases

the reason is that there are too many toxic substances such as formaldehyde in the home environment

maybe many things, We can't control

but we can start with the little things around us

this is to save the earth

and also to save ourselves

bring your own shopping basket when shopping

use less paper towels and more handkerchiefs

bring your own tableware when you go out to eat

reduce the use of disposable tableware

throw the garbage into the dustbin

collect it when it's inconvenient and then throw it

choose a healthy and environmentally friendly wallpaper to decorate your home

osley wall cloth

here Zheng Re commitment

the wall cloth is woven from plant fibers

the quality and environmental protection index

far exceed the quality inspection standard

test report

oshilai wall cloth

insure the people's Insurance of China

everyone is responsible for protecting the environment

[the above pictures are from "oshilai wall cloth", invasion and deletion]

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly, The process adopts the world's advanced equipment for production, with years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed. The products are unique and reliable in quality

(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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