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Locking in the development trend of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing upgrading of offshore engineering is beneficial to automation. It is learned from the 2011 China offshore oil and gas drilling and production and engineering equipment summit forum that the 12th Five Year Plan for intelligent equipment is expected to be released within this year, which will involve digital oil fields and intelligent petrochemical equipment

zhaozhiming, former vice president of China Petroleum and petrochemical industry equipment association, said that in the next few years, the focus of intelligent manufacturing technology in petrochemical industry will be the digitization of detection technology, the intellectualization of control technology, the integration of production process control and operation management, and the integration of internal and external supply chain management optimization

the so-called intelligentization is to realize the intelligent control of equipment. For example, if the pressure, temperature and other parameters of any of the hundreds of equipment in a refinery change, they can be quickly transmitted to the automatic control system through sensors, which will not only display the results, but also automatically adjust them, so as to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing costs

in the future, the importance of intelligent equipment is also reflected in becoming the cornerstone of the rapid development of other high-end manufacturing industries, providing intelligent control systems, automated production lines, robots and other high-tech production control equipment for advanced and sophisticated fields such as aviation equipment, satellites, rail transit equipment and ocean engineering, and promoting the development of the entire high-end equipment manufacturing industry

development blueprint: build a large country in offshore equipment manufacturing zhaozhiming: the development idea of China's offshore equipment and use it to express the melt viscosity of polymer materials is to strive to greatly improve the comprehensive strength of the national offshore engineering equipment manufacturing by the end of 2015, significantly improve the international competitiveness, and initially form an industrial system integrating scientific research and development, general assembly construction, module construction, equipment supply, technical services, etc, Basically meet the strategic needs of national marine resources development, and become a major manufacturer of the world's major marine engineering equipment

by 2020, the annual sales revenue of China's offshore equipment manufacturing will double that of 2015, reaching 400billion yuan; Industrial added value should exceed 30%; The international market share should reach 35%; The localization matching rate reaches more than 50%. China will become a major manufacturing country and power of the world's major offshore engineering equipment

at present, the country has identified five major fields, including offshore engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment, as the focus of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, among which offshore engineering equipment is more expected by the market. The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of offshore equipment has made clear requirements for the development and utilization of equipment manufacturing related to China's offshore oil, especially to strive for a breakthrough in the localization of deep-sea offshore equipment

in the next five to ten years, the general idea for the development of China's marine engineering equipment is to grasp the overall trend of the world's marine resources development, face the needs of domestic and foreign marine resources development, and focus on breaking through the key technologies of deep-sea equipment. Wangrong, deputy director of the ship division of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that the Ministry of industry and information technology is currently stepping up the formulation of medium - and long-term development plans for offshore engineering equipment

deep sea era: open the 200billion offshore engineering market

the onshore oil production is up to several 10 tons (such as ordinary steel; the domestic electronic hydraulic universal testing machine has an experimental force of 600kN and a class 0.5 machine). The volume has hardly increased in the past 20 years. Deep water and ultra deep water wells will become the world's major crude oil contributors in the next few decades. At the same time, the development of China's unconventional oil and gas resources will be significantly accelerated in the second half of the year, Shale gas and other oil and gas are expected to form new industries as soon as possible

according to the 2015 long-term plan of China's offshore oil, in the next five years, China will have more than 30 oil fields to be developed, more than 70 platforms to be built, and more than 10 FPSOs to be built and reconstructed. In 2020, China will realize the leap from 300 meters to 3000 meters in deepwater oil and gas field development engineering technology. With the investment in the development of offshore oil and gas resources, it is expected that the market scale of offshore engineering equipment will exceed 50billion US dollars each year in the next five years, about 300billion yuan

zhaozhiming believes that after 2010, the main new offshore crude oil production in the world will come from the deep sea. He predicted that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will introduce policies and measures such as reduction and exemption of resource tax and financial subsidies to support enterprises' R & D and introduction of advanced technology, continuously reduce costs, increase the development and exploration of conventional resources, and develop offshore engineering equipment in the direction of large-scale, electromechanical integration and intelligence

by the end of 2015, China's marine engineering equipment will initially form an industrial system integrating scientific research and development, general assembly construction, module construction, equipment supply and technical services, and become a major manufacturing country of the world's major marine engineering equipment, with an annual sales revenue of 200billion yuan. By 2020, we will become a manufacturing power in this field

policy investment: 250billion yuan will benefit the automation industry.

in order to adapt to the development trend of high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent equipment manufacturing during the 12th Five Year Plan period, offshore engineering will develop towards deep water, large-scale, electromechanical integration, automation and intelligence. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China is pleased that the offshore continental shelf and continental slope will build another 50million tons of oil production capacity, and the total investment in offshore equipment will reach about 250billion yuan to 300billion yuan

offshore engineering equipment is located in the upstream of the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry chain, with high technical content and added value, and strong correlation and driving. In the global oil and gas industry, the long-term demand growth in the future will promote a large amount of capital investment in automation equipment. Zhaozhiming said that the development trend of offshore engineering equipment in the future is automation, deepwater, large-scale, more optimized design, use of high-strength steel and more advanced supporting facilities

jinxiaojian, general manager of the engineering construction Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, predicts that in the next five years, a new upsurge of equipment construction and development will come. These equipment and facilities will support China's offshore oil industry and offshore energy industry to become the world's leading ones, and drive the domestic industrial automation, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, materials, metallurgy, precision instruments and other industries to develop to the top, Spawn a number of Chinese companies with strong resolution competitiveness in the global industry

it is reported that offshore oil exploitation will involve exploration, construction of production system and industrial control of the process, monitoring and data acquisition of drilling process, offshore oil refining and many other aspects. Industrial instruments, PLC, DCS, automation software, industrial Ethernet, data and image acquisition, monitoring and monitoring equipment, various sensors, frequency converters and other technologies and products in the automation field will be widely used in marine engineering equipment

however, like shipbuilding, Chinese enterprises are good at steel structure manufacturing. Most of the automation parts of the products are provided by foreign contractors. An insider said that the localization rate of some offshore engineering products is less than 5%. Facing the localization trend in the 12th Five Year Plan, it will bring benefits to powerful automation enterprises in China

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