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Logitech joined hands with Tencent conference to jointly write a new chapter in the ecology of video conference by 100 billion

recently, Logitech cc4000e and cc5000e business high-definition audio and video conference systems have passed the certification of Tencent multimedia laboratory, becoming the first batch of Tencent conference rooms audio and video hardware terminal products that have passed the certification. Logitech announced to officially join Tencent conference rooms ecological alliance and become a certified hardware partner of Tencent conference

this is the further deepening of the strategic partnership between Logitech and Tencent conference since Logitech announced to join the Tencent conference ecological partnership alliance in December 2019. Logitech and Tencent conference rooms, a software system based on the conference room, have completed the software and hardware adaptation, and jointly create a digital intelligent conference solution integrating software and hardware for enterprise users

rapid growth

Tencent conference helps enterprises' digital transformation

with years of experience in the field of social communication and the huge demand for remote collaboration generated by the market environment, Tencent conference has reached ten million days' life in only two months since it was launched. In 245 days, the comparison method has achieved more than 100 million users, making it the most widely used professional video conference product in China. 1

with the explosion of office demand, Chinese enterprises are entering a new stage of digital transformation and upgrading. As an important link in the process of enterprise digital transformation, video conference can greatly improve the internal and external communication efficiency and sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, it can also reduce operating costs, save travel related expenses and significantly improve work efficiency

according to the report released by the Internet Development Research Center of Peking University, Tencent conference directly saved 71.4 billion yuan in social costs from January to May this year. 2

continuous innovation

work together to create enterprise specific intelligent conference solutions

on September 10, 2020, Tencent conference released the enterprise version and a new generation of intelligent conference room solutions, Tencent conference rooms, opened the audio and video authentication standards, and cooperated with hardware equipment manufacturers to customize a digital intelligent conference solution integrating software and hardware for enterprises, so as to meet the overall solution requirements for video conferences in different industries and different space scenarios

the cooperation between Logitech and Tencent conference is based on the Tencent conference rooms version, combined with Logitech cc4000e and cc5000e, two products specially designed for small conference spaces and medium and large conference spaces, to provide enterprise users with a concise, efficient, high-quality and flexible conference room overall solution

as an ideal choice for small conference space, Logitech cc4000 e audio and video integrated design and flexible installation method help small conference rooms save space. The ultra-high definition 4K camera also has a wide field of vision of 120 degrees, which can ensure that almost every participant in the small space is included in the video picture. Logitech cc5000e is an overall audio and video solution tailored for medium and large conference spaces. It is a modular design for the relaxation experiment of separating reinforcement with ultra-high definition 4K camera, studio level sound quality speakers and intelligent noise reduction microphones. It supports the integration of up to two speakers and seven microphones, meeting the flexible deployment needs of medium and large conference spaces. At the same time, both hardware products are equipped with rightsensetm intelligent viewfinder, intelligent dimming and intelligent tuning functions independently developed and designed by Logitech, providing enterprises with intelligent video conference experience

focus cloud peripheral

jointly compose a new chapter in China's video conference ecology

as a world-renowned computer peripheral hardware manufacturer, Logitech has gradually realized the transformation of strategic positioning in recent years, expanded its own categories and application scenarios in the field of focus cloud peripheral hardware equipment. At the same time, Logitech always adheres to the concept of helping users create, achieve and enjoy products and experiences

since entering the field of video conferencing in 2011, Logitech has been committed to promoting the innovation and upgrading of hardware products, expanding the overall solution of cloud video collaboration, designing intelligent and convenient conference experience for users in the spirit of ingenuity, and realizing the strategic transformation from product sales 2. Preventing high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water and other immersion in the machine or computer to solution sales, from product design, function realization The whole process of installation, deployment and after-sales maintenance provides users with more complete service and experience

Logitech's hardware products for video collaboration have been highly recognized by the global market and enterprise users. According to the market research data of synergsy research in Q1 2020, Logitech video collaboration hardware equipment accounted for 57.2% of the global USB video conferencing system

in addition, Logitech has always clearly seen its own market positioning on the road of building an open and integrated ecosystem. Logitech will not become the leader of the ecosystem, but will adhere to the open cooperation concept, with a view to becoming an indispensable and important strategic partner of the ecosystem. Together with the ecological partners, Logitech will provide high-quality overall solutions for enterprise users

the cooperation between Logitech and Tencent is another important milestone in the construction of China's cloud video ecosystem, following Logitech's strategic cooperation with Microsoft and zoom around the world, as well as the overall solution of integrating software and hardware in China. This cooperation once again shows that Logitech's product strength and brand strength are recognized by China's top cloud video software manufacturers. It also shows Logitech's strong willingness to continue to cultivate the Chinese market, increase investment, and continuously practice its development strategy in China and for China

Mr. chenmingbin, head of video collaboration category in Greater China of Logitech, said:

openness and cooperation have always been Logitech's most important DNA. Logitech has always focused on the polishing and innovation of audio and video hardware products in the cloud video field and insisted on being the strongest hardware supporter in the cloud video ecosystem, which coincides with Tencent's concept of focusing on platform co construction ecology. I am very glad that Luo Jiji has become a partner of Tencent conference in the cloud video ecosystem, jointly providing users with intelligent software and hardware integrated video conference solutions, and helping more Chinese enterprises achieve efficient video collaboration and enterprise digital transformation. Source: Luohe traction speed, neat line arrangement and constant tension take-up control technology video cooperation to ensure that the take-up reel is from empty reel to full reel

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