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London Airport is in "chaos" due to drone invasion how should countries face the threat of drones

London Airport is in "chaos" due to drone invasion how should countries face the threat of drones

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original title: London Airport is in "chaos" due to drone invasion how should countries face the threat of drones

, Common problems of the 3T wire insulation tensile testing machine at Britain's second largest International Airport London gewick airport was forced to close due to UAV interference, more than 1000 flights were canceled, at least 120000 passengers were affected, and more than 10000 people were stranded at the airport

on Christmas Eve, the busiest flight in a year, as many as 120000 tourists were stranded at the airport due to drone intrusion, which was hard to avoid being upset and helpless. The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing explosively, and their working ability is also improving rapidly. Unfortunately, they have also proved to be a useful tool for criminal activities (for example, transporting, weapons and drugs to prisoners in prisons), illegal surveillance and even terrorist attacks

with the increasing demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, UAV technology is becoming more and more mature, and countries around the world are actively studying how to deal with the growing threat of UAV. After the UAV is recovered, investigators need to quickly extract, decode and view data to obtain feasible intelligence about flight routes, take-off locations, images, videos, operation logs and other key data

take MsAb, a Swedish mobile forensics company, as an example. Its XRY drone enables users to extract and decode data found in the most popular consumer level Dajiang UAV. Meanwhile, MsAb and Ursa are actively studying and adding support for more UAV models and applications to expand UAV forensics business

flight path, image, video and other data

useful UAV data may exist in several places. For example, the "black box" of the UAV is a separate memory for storing media files such as images and videos, and is used to control the intelligence of the UAV. After summarizing, these data can provide extremely detailed information about when, where, by whom and how the UAV has been operated

the black box is the brain of the UAV, which may contain flight path logs, other GPS data, power consumption and speed of each engine, serial number and other teaching data

the attached onboard memory can carry all images and video files containing important metadata

most UAVs are controlled intelligently. When these UAVs are supported by XRY, they can usually extract the application data supporting UAVs

xry drone is seamlessly integrated with XRY

UAVs can be extracted and decoded using conventional XRY software applications. By activating the XRY drone license, a set of UAV device configuration files will be immediately unlocked and available for use, and XRY drone can be activated in the entire MsAb extraction tool product family as required

analyze UAV data using xamn

the extracted UAV data can be viewed, analyzed and reported in xamn. The video produced by the UAV is viewed in the same way as the content of the production and sales experimental machine from the mobile multi-media with more than 10 years of experience, The flight path data can be visible in the professional XRY drone label "We should develop confidence around boosting domestic and foreign enterprises.

drone tags use interactive maps to show you when, where and how the UAV has been operated. A set of meters and charts can tell you the power consumption, position, altitude, speed, roll, pitch and yaw input of the UAV. For example, sudden changes in power consumption can accurately reflect when and where the payload drops.

by XRY drone (supported by Ursa) in combination with xamn, you will have the best opportunity to recover, decode and display valuable flight data from the investigated UAV

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