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LOGO! It provides simple and innovative control for the woodworking industry

in this decade, the woodworking and cabinet manufacturing industry has experienced many technological reforms in processing control and automatic control. Many application equipments have developed from strict mechanical control to relay logic control combined with mechanical structure. As time goes on, more and more companies producing woodworking equipment begin to use the advantages provided by printed circuit board technology to produce dynamic stabilization devices. But due to the improvement of technology, such as logo! The most simplified solution provided by such products no longer requires fine printed circuit design. Due to logo! With convenient programming, powerful functions and minimal technical support, these companies have gradually realized the need for such equipment to pave the way for technological improvement in processing

Castle is such a company. It was founded 15 years ago in Petaluma, Calif. It has recognized LOGO! Bring benefits to its edge bander, model Eb2. Due to the introduction of Siemens distributors/system integrators, including e m in Healdsburg and Calif, equipment sales engineer Marv guggemos and sales engineer Jon Waterman in Bay, people have clearly realized that compared with PCB design, logo! The features and advantages of can significantly improve the technology and performance

opportunity for reform

when e m first put the logo! When it is launched as an option to control the edge bander, the logo! It can provide the functions that can be provided by mixing the remaining 7 samples of all printed circuit boards according to this method, and there are more. As Castle founder Max durney described, "edgebander especially needs a first-class solution." He also added, "the inconsistent and unreliable characteristics of existing technologies are a great obstacle to the product. Due to the need of the support level of the product and the old control system, the reform is imperative." At that time, the task of e m was to convert existing projects into using LOGO! Equipment

development process

e M's Marv guggemos introduced e m's bill hints to this project; He began to become familiar with edge bander technology and understand the processing and performance requirements. Mechanical and control needs include low pressure and accurate glue temperature, which are important to suit the electrical characteristics and provide a complete solution. As Max durney points out: "Another advantage of using Siemens log to operate the machine o! Control according to the operating instructions is that there is no need to change the basic structure of the machine. This makes the time for the product to enter the market faster. The original printed circuit board and mechanical design will take about two and a half years to complete. Bill quickly started the development project and provided the first draft of the design within one tenth of the original design time. The design uses the logo of function modular programming ! Soft Comfort。


edge bander machine is a device used to edge cabinets and worktops. It is very compact and provides small shops with the advantages of high-temperature melt glue at an economical price at the early meeting. As shown in the picture, it can handle all wood and PVC strips. It can provide glue conversion within a few minutes. The basic target market is a professional wood processing shop with 5 to 10 people. Among the products provided by Castle engineering to the market, edge bander is considered to have high features and large capacity. At the same time, the existing control technology also needs to be improved

service and support

as Max durney pointed out, the level of service and support provided by the e m and Siemens teams is unique. Technical proficiency and knowledgeable guidance make the project more successful. Siemens and e m, as TIA (totally integrated automation), believe that the supplier has made great changes in its consideration of the existing technology and the market entry time of its products. Other projects are also under development, and Siemens products are constantly used to update the original technology

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