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Wenzhou local valve enterprises are transforming to the field of nuclear power equipment in a cross-border way.

from the research and development of equipment in the field of nuclear power to the technological upgrading of nuclear grade special valves, Wenzhou local valve enterprises with technological innovation as their core competitiveness are transforming to the field of nuclear power equipment as a leading industry

"after appraisal, the nuclear air ejector equipment developed this time not only meets the design requirements of the product, but also has larger capacity and better performance than the similar imported equipment used in some domestic nuclear power plants." Recently, at the nuclear power equipment appraisal meeting hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation, yeqizhen, an academician of the energy and Mining Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of engineering, announced that the nuclear power products developed by Xuanda industrial group in our city had passed the appraisal. This is a solid step for Xuanda to explore the nuclear power market

it is understood that in recent years, many pump and valve enterprises in our city have actively developed other nuclear power valves and supporting equipment through independent research and development, cooperative research and development, aiming at import substitution as the main direction, realizing the localization of imported valve equipment, improving the competitiveness of domestic nuclear power valves, and seizing the nuclear power market. At present, in addition to Xuanda, Shenjiang valve, Jiangnan Valve and other high-tech enterprises in the city are aiming to develop the nuclear power market

nuclear grade air ejector

is like an air conditioner in a room

it was learned at the appraisal meeting at Xuanda industrial group that the investment in this project exceeded 6million yuan, which lasted more than a year. Xuanda industrial group and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute formed a research and development team. The average annual spot prices of copper, aluminum, lead and zinc fell by 16.8%, 10.2% and 5.5% respectively year-on-year 4.1% successfully developed the cap1400 main control room nuclear air ejector. At present, the equipment has completely independent intellectual property rights and has applied for a number of technical patents

in the subsequent equipment test demonstration, more than 30 relevant experts from all over the country analyzed the simulated use and use effect of the equipment on site. Gehonghui, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, who participated in the research and development, said: "the cap1400 nuclear level air ejector we designed and developed is the key equipment of the emergency system in the main control room of the nuclear power plant, just like the air conditioner in the room. The purpose is to ensure the residence requirements of the personnel in the main control room within 72 hours in the event of an accident or power failure in the nuclear power plant."

yeqizhen said after the experiment: "at present, some domestic nuclear power plants rely on imports for similar equipment. The product developed by Xuanda has met the use demand of nuclear power plants, filled the domestic gap, and surpassed the imported products in terms of technical and thermal stability, reaching the international leading level. It has good social and economic benefits and promotion and application prospects."

set up a nuclear power equipment R & D center

from the research and development of equipment in the nuclear power field to the technological upgrading of nuclear grade special valves, Wenzhou local valve enterprises, which take technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises to improve the standardization work level, are taking pump and valve as the leading industry and making a cross-border transformation to the field of nuclear power equipment

"in the field of nuclear power equipment, Xuanda has carried out R & D and iteration of nuclear grade air ejector, and continuously carried out product technology innovation on special alloy valves to meet the application needs of nuclear power development." According to yejixuan, chairman of Xuanda industrial group, nuclear power is an important national development strategy in clean energy. The "going global" of nuclear power technology in the future is also an opportunity for enterprises to transform and upgrade themselves

as a provincial high-tech industrialization demonstration enterprise, Xuanda industrial group has focused on nuclear power as a transformation and development field. At present, the company's annual R & D investment in nuclear power technology has exceeded 5% of its annual output value. On the basis of the establishment of Xuanda group's nuclear power equipment R & D center, the new R & D building of Xuanda group, which the company has invested 30million yuan, will soon be completed

Wenqi nuclear power products fill the gap in China

recently, the pump and valve Research Institute of Lanzhou University of technology hosted the "China (Wenzhou) pump and valve development forum". The experts from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. said that China attaches great importance to the development of clean energy such as nuclear power. In China's energy structure adjustment, nuclear power has always been placed high hopes, which has brought considerable market space to the domestic nuclear power valve market. According to the 13th five year plan of China's nuclear power, by 2020, the installed capacity of nuclear power operation will reach 58million kW, and more than 30million kW will be under construction. To achieve the target of 88million kW of total installed capacity under operation and construction on time, at least 6 units will be started every year during the "13th five year plan"

a few days ago, the megawatt nuclear power station jointly developed by Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd. and Shanghai steam turbine plant, while arriving, pressed the "confirm" button, and the reheat valve group of steam turbine generator unit appeared in the second military civilian integration development high and new technology achievement exhibition, becoming the focus of attention. Academician yeqizhen said that the product has filled the domestic gap, and its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. It will change the long-term dependence on imports of nuclear power reheat valve group products, and promote the independent research and development level of China's nuclear power supporting equipment

Shenjiang valve is the second enterprise in the city to obtain the production license for nuclear power valves. Its electric ball valves and gate valves have been used in many nuclear power plants. According to the relevant person in charge of Shenjiang valve, the competition in the pump and valve industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprises must show their unique skills if they want to stand out from thousands of enterprises and become bigger and stronger. The nuclear power valve with extremely high technical threshold is a "touchstone". Through this test, the enterprise's design and development ability and quality assurance ability are self-evident, and it can naturally win the market initiative. It is understood that the company and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design Institute jointly developed the nuclear fuel repair system, filling the domestic gap. The products are even exported to Pakistan Chashma nuclear power plant. (Wenzhou business daily huzhixiang, zhoudazheng)

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