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Hand in hand Logistics China heavy truck 94 t7H settled in Nanjing

hand in hand Logistics China heavy truck 94 t7H settled in Nanjing

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. Nearly 200 people from China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, China Federation of logistics and purchasing, representatives of some logistics enterprises, local dealers and direct users in Nanjing attended the ceremony, and jointly witnessed the new breakthrough of China National Heavy Duty Truck in the transportation market of dangerous chemicals in the Yangtze River Delta region

develop hand in hand for mutual benefit and win-win results. Duanhengyong, deputy general manager of the Sales Department of SINOTRUK, said that with the advantages of man technology products and good market performance, sinotruk has quickly realized the initial success of the transformation from STR platform to man platform, and from engineering vehicles to engineering vehicles, road vehicles and special vehicles. The strategic cooperation with Nanjing Jianye and Jiangsu andefu is a combination of strong countries and complementary advantages. Howo-t7h undoubtedly plays the most important role in the cooperation between the two sides. Duanhengyong also introduced the "smart heavy truck" app, the "full life cycle service" and the "no stop service" of SINOTRUK

the HOWO t7H hazardous chemical tractor delivered this time is a heavy truck product tailored by sinotruk for the hazardous chemical industry from the four aspects of safety, reliability, fuel saving and intelligence. This kind of material was first launched by T R biofab, a company founded by Professor Yoon won soo earlier this year. It not only has the most comfortable cab in the industry and meets the Swedish safety standards, but also has optimized and upgraded the engine, axle gearbox and other major components. It is worth mentioning that the whole vehicle adopts a dual circuit braking system, equipped with mature and reliable front disc braking and engine auxiliary braking, as well as many top-level electronic auxiliary systems such as ABS anti lock system, EBS electronic braking control system, constant speed cruise, lane departure system, etc. the vehicle is extremely safe, ensuring the personal safety of the drivers and passengers in the vehicle. Through this product, China's heavy domestic mines may be strengthened. Automobile will truly establish a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship with Nanjing hazardous chemical transportation enterprises, and provide considerate services for logistics enterprises throughout the life of vehicles

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