The influence of Sany excavator continues to rise

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Sany excavator's influence in India continues to rise

Guide: in October, Sany India market received frequent good news. With the joint efforts of Sany India Company and Sany Heavy machinery, various brand promotion activities have been carried out one after another, and the brand popularity of Sany excavator in the Indian market continues to rise. Carry out the ordering meeting to promote the brand. On October 4, Sany India Company was in South China

in October, good news came frequently from Sany Indian market. With the joint efforts of Sany India Company and Sany Heavy machinery, various brand promotion activities have been carried out one after another, and the brand popularity of Sany excavator in the Indian market continues to rise

On October 4, Sany India Company held an excavator ordering meeting at the Mari Gold Hotel in the southern city of Hyderabad. More than 400 customers and industry participants attended the order meeting, and many customers expressed their purchase intention and paid a deposit

two sy215c excavators will be displayed in this order. At the scene, an excavator performance show was held, including interesting links such as digging eggs, writing brush words, compound action dance, which attracted the attention of customers and also well demonstrated the superior performance of Sany excavator. During the interactive session, many customers personally operated Sany excavator and greatly appreciated the comfort and operability of Sany excavator

Hyderabad is a famous industrial and commercial city in India, bringing together many large-scale construction contractors. The successful holding of this order meeting has greatly enhanced the industrial influence of Sany excavator in India and laid a solid foundation for the brand promotion of Sany excavator in India

at the press conference before the meeting, Deng Haijun, general manager of Sany India, and Liu Wei, assistant general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery International Marketing Company, were interviewed by 18 Indian local media, and answered their concerns about the development status and internationalization process of Sany group, as well as Sany India's excavator business planning and the company's future development goals

On October 10, Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Indian company and agent sks Co., Ltd. jointly held a large excavator competition with the theme of "charlenge the charlenger" in Mangalore, with more than 400 customers watching. The competition integrates the performance display of excavators, competition on the same stage and customer experience, and comprehensively demonstrates the excellent performance and strength of Sany excavators

four excavators, sy75c, sy125, sy205c and sy215c, were exhibited at the martial arts competition. Sy215c reached the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument, which means that the company participated in the competition of operation efficiency and fuel consumption. Although the opponent is an internationally renowned brand, Sany excavator is not inferior. The original plan of the competition was that the manipulator selected by SANY would drive the machine, but the customer believed that the spirit of "fairness, impartiality and openness" of the competition should be reflected, and temporarily requested to use their own manipulator to participate in the competition. In the case of personnel changes, Sany excavator still won with obvious advantages

according to another report, before the competition, Sany excavator performed composite actions such as opening beer bottles and dancing, and invited customers to participate in the egg digging experience. Customers greatly appreciated the micro motion performance of Sany excavator. During the competition, the customers who had purchased the machine shared the experience of using Sany excavator. The local dance team in India presented a passionate performance for the customers who came all the way from afar for the experimental method of determining the crack growth resistance of polyolefin pipes for fluid transportation, the notch tube lubricant adsorbed on the metal surface, and the slow growth of material cracks (notch experiment) (gb/t18476 ⑵ 001). After the competition, Sany India Company, agents and new customers held a handover ceremony

Mangalore, the location of this martial arts competition, is an important port city in southern India. In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly, and the demand for excavators has increased rapidly. It is the current market that Indian companies focus on developing. Excavator customers in this market are generally of high quality, and most of them have good educational backgrounds. This competition proved the excellent quality of Sany excavator to customers again with real data, changed customers' cognition of Chinese excavators, especially Sany excavators, enhanced their confidence in Sany excavators, and improved the brand image of Sany excavators in the region. (Sany/liuzhipeng)

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